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Insights by: Lok Cheng


Lok Cheng

Lok is our Development Team Lead at Umi. Together with Alice and Christine, he creates highly-converting bespoke websites. When he's not actively coding, he advises the directors on strategic technical decisions. Lok is a self-taught developer and self-proclaimed tech nerd. He has a background in hospitality, having worked at his family's restaurant from a very young age. In his free time, he enjoys stuffing his face with Asian food and gaming on a range of different consoles. Random fact: He has a tattoo sleeve on his right arm. Want to see it? Just ask -

Responsive vs mobile-first hotel websites

Have you ever wondered why your hotel’s website looks different on your laptop than it does on your smartphone? How do developers achieve this flexibility and what are the different approaches? This blog post is going to explain the difference between responsive and mobile-first websites and its relevance for your hotel or travel business.

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