Laragai House

A memorable experience in the heart of Kenya

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Laragai House gives guests the ultimate canvas to paint a memorable picture on, surrounded by some of Africa’s most beautiful and endangered creatures. The beautiful eight-bedroom extravagant private country house overlooks the stunning Borona Convensary, allowing guests to feel at one with nature while also helping to protect it. Guests are invited to Laragai House with the promise of a completely private and memorable holiday, with the hotel situated hours from any major airport. The House itself has been fitted with luxury firmly in mind, with guests having free roam over a spa, restaurant, pool and gym.

Where did Umi fit in?

Umi Digital first were first approached by Laragai House in the middle of 2018 with a clear vision on what they wanted their Laragai House website to represent. The first being the need to ensure that Laragai House was selling an experience, more than just a product. This was achieved through fantastic visual photography and planned UI. The team over at Laragai House also wanted to ensure that the new website increased they’re a total number of direct bookings coming through to the website.

Umi Digital’s Role

The team here at Umi Digital successfully created a new bespoke data driven website for the team over at Laragai House. The website went live in February 2019 and has already seen positive initial results. The marketing team continue to provide on-going SEO optimisation as well as monthly content updates.


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