Hostel Marketing – Overview

Umi 360 is everything you will need to generate  direct bookings, all in one place. Our deep industry experience allows us to offer both a highly optimised website and holistic traffic generation strategy in one complete package.

“We are passionate about hostels and while many understand that digital marketing is crucial to driving direct bookings through their websites, many do not have the time, money or resources to do so. Our dynamic Umi 360 for hostels has been tailored by our expert team to keep your hostel beds full.”


The Umi Way

Responsive Websites

“With hundreds of websites on our system we are able to leverage usage data to drive our hostel website design decisions”

The Umi approach to websites combines award-winning design services with conversion metrics to deliver a fully responsive, conversion-optimised website that will wow your visitors and entice them to book. The Umi team will integrate your brand seamlessly into an intuitive omni-channel user experience.

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Booking Engine

“With Umi 360 you have the option of getting a cloud-based booking platform that fits seamlessly into your website and has everything you need already built in”

We work with a number partners so that you can select the right hostel booking engine for you. All the options are packed full of amazing features.  If you already have a booking engine it’s no trouble at all – we can work with that too. Over the last six years we have integrated with countless hostel booking engines so there is absolutely no need to switch if you don’t want to.

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Advanced Tracking and Reporting

“Turn your key performance data into beautiful KPI dashboards stay informed, motivated and data-driven”

All our work is meaningless without results. With all Umi 360 websites you receive monthly reports as well as a realtime ROI dashboard of all your key metrics, accessible anytime, anywhere to ensure your hostel is hitting its target and objectives.

While this will be valuable and interesting to you, we will also use it to avidly track performance and deploy updates and optimisations in real time.

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Conversion Optimisation

Websites are not billboards, they are living breathing things that need to mould and shape over time to accommodate customers’ ever-changing needs.

We have assembled a conversion toolkit comprising of both hand picked third party software along with our own in-house process to keep your website on cutting edge. Tools include – A/B testing, social sharing, Live Chat, Whitepaper marketing and many more.

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Traffic Generation

The Umi Way

Content Marketing

“One of the biggest hostel marketing errors you could make in 2016 would be to forget email marketing. The fact remains that email still has one of the highest ROI’s”

Our market-leading email marketing and distribution software caters to all email marketing campaign strategies, big and small. Umi Digital will create the template, implement all HTML code for the newsletter and send out the campaign to a distribution list of your choice. We will also be responsible for sourcing relevant content for you newsletter. A detailed report is then sent over to you after sending, containing statistics regarding open rates, unsubscribe requests and so on.

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“Do you ever get that niggling feeling that you could be getting better results from your website? You are not alone.”

Umi will help you make more money online through Search Engine Optimisation (the process of improving your site so that search engines choose to place your website highest in the search results). We know the industry specific techniques that will help your website rank well. It’s no dark art, in fact it is surprisingly easy! Umi takes the mystery away and provides a simple, transparent service that allows you to see an increase in your website traffic without having to worry about the mechanics.

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“Umi Digital will help you achieve a greater return on your online marketing spend”

Should you be running a paid search account? The answer is yes. With Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing, you have complete control over your adverts. You decide what they say, where they are shown and how much you invest. Because of this level of control you also can track and measure performance to ensure your business is profitable.

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Social Media Management

“Should your business be on social media? Absolutely. But should you have an account on every platform? Not necessarily. Umi helps you choose.”

Hostels are a great industry for social media as your audiences are engaging and want to interact with your business. Our social media services help you harness potential of social media beyond being a simple marketing channel. We guide you through the common pitfalls, instil proven practices within your organisation and set you in a position to use social media as a powerhouse of information and innovation.

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