With all of our Umi 360 packages you have the option of signing up to a cloud-based booking platform through one of our numerous booking partners. Having integrated over 30 booking engines, we are in a very strong position to advise on the best solution.


With Umi 360 you have the option of signing up to a cloud-based booking platform that fits seamlessly into your website and has everything you need already built in.

All of our partner booking solutions are is packed full of amazing features with deep integration into other hotel tech providers. If you already have a booking engine it’s no trouble at all – we can work with that too. Over the last six years we have integrated with countless booking engines so there is absolutely no need to switch if you don’t want to.

Your customers’ journey on your website is the key to getting more hotel bookings so we take the integration very seriously. Not only will we integrate a booking engine onto your website seamlessly but we will ensure its positioning and pathway allows your customers to easily book at a room at your hotel.

The final aspect of booking engine integration and set up is to ensure that all of the deep analytics and conversion tracking is set up correctly. We will use Google Events and Goals to create detailed attribution funnels so you can see exactly where and how your business is converting.

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