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Lightning Decision Jam (LDJ) Facilitation

A Lightning Decision Jam is a 1-hour workshop for tackling big problems and coming up with actionable solutions, fast!

Why is a Lightning Decision Jam better than your regular meetings?

The Lightning Decision Jam is great for replacing unproductive meetings that have little structure and no definable outcomes. You know the ones… where everyone talks about their own issues without listening to anyone else’s, potential solutions are discussed with much detail and everyone leaves the meeting not sure who is responsible for doing what.

We can help get your team moving in the right direction in just 1 hour!

What is an LDJ?

The Lightning Decision Jam goes through a series of rounds of noting, voting and prioritising.

  • Everyone’s opinion is heard without bias or criticism.
  • Vote for the best ideas without unstructured discussion.
  • Prioritise the best solutions.
  • Implement the solutions with the biggest impact and least effort.

What is the LDJ good for?

The Lightning Decision Jam is great for any sized team within any business in any industry. It can even be run remotely. We think, therefore, that it is a great tool for businesses in the hospitality sector that have been impacted by the pandemic. You could use it to come up with:

  • New revenue stream ideas.
  • New ways of adapting your current products and services to meet the challenges of coronavirus.
  • Testing new ways of working remotely.

Run a Remote LDJ

You can still get all the creativity of a Lightning Decision Jam even if your team aren’t all in the same room. We can help you create an effective online environment to run a remote Lightning Decision Jam.

Start with what is working

Collect all the things that are pushing the business forward.

Highlight all the problems

Collect all the problems that are holding the business back.

Prioritise the problems

Vote on and prioritise the problems that are effecting you most.

Reframe as a challenge

Reframe the top problem as a challenge that your team can solve.

Ideate individually

Rapidly create solutions to the problem individually without discussion.

Prioritise the solutions

Vote on and prioritise the solutions that are you think are best.

Decide what actions to take

Assess which solutions will have the biggest impact with the least effort to implement.

Make solutions actionable

Come up with 3 actionable steps to test if the solution solves the problem.

Why should you choose Umi Digital to facilitate your workshop?

We have a team of facilitators that are experienced at getting the most creativity and collaboration out of a team of people. We also a team of experts with different skills who you can use to fill gaps in your team.

By allowing us to facilitate your Lightning Decision Jam you can unleash your full creativity.

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