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Social Media For Hotels

Engaging Social Media Strategy and Implementation for Hotels

Social Media with Umi Digital

Should your business be on social media? Here at Umi Digital we absolutely say Yes! Did you know that 91% of large corporate brands have two or more social media platforms sending out daily content! But should you have an account on every platform? Not necessarily. Here at Umi Digital, we help you choose and make the most of any platform in accordance to your hotel’s unique goals and ambitions with the end target of increasing direct bookings.

With so many social media platforms available for hotels it has become increasingly difficult to identify which ones would carry the largest advantage for your hotel and give back the highest levels of ROI. We work with your hotel to establish the most effective channels that your hotel should be targeting, with the end goal of reaching a large new audience capable of booking directly through your website.

Our social media services help you harness the potential power of social media beyond being a simple one-way marketing channel but a serious method of obtaining direct bookings, as well as helping you to make it a reliable review system, a source of innovation, an analytics tool and a comprehensive advertising platform ideal for upselling your hotel’s products.

We guide you through the common pitfalls and steer you away from the rookie errors made by other hotels in the hospitality industry, as well as instilling proven practices within your organisation with the end goal of positioning your hotel to use social media as a powerhouse of information and a great innovation for your hotel.

Free Social Media Strategy Session with Umi Consultant

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