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Gap Year

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Gap year is one of the biggest backpacker websites in the world, offering individuals of all ages the chance to experience a gap year in all corners of the earth, which made working with the team at Gap Year a real honour for everybody here at Umi HQ.

Since Gap Year is one of the biggest backpacker holiday providers in the world it was only fitting that they had a equally impressive website to match, something the team here at Umi enjoyed immensely.

What did Umi Digital do?

After 6 months of careful planning and trips down to Gap Year HQ as well as the overseeing of 80,000 pages being migrated to the new site, we launched the new and improved “” in early 2018, now boasting an equally impressive website to its impressive roster of activities for backpackers looking to explore the world.

Initial results are extremely encouraging and we look forward to fostering a strong relationship with the team over at Gap Year over the coming months and years.

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