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Increase Search Engine Traffic

Search Engine Optimisation for Hotels, Hostels and Travel

Onsite and Offsite Optimisation of your website

The ability for your hotel to be seen in the search engine results has never been more important. Use of search engines is still on the increase and with changing paradigms around personalisation and long-tail search, strong SEO is essential.

  • Intuitive URL Hierarchy
  • Schema Markup and structured data
  • Keyword analysis and implementation
  • Technical website enhancements

Deeply integration into your content strategy

One-off SEO audits and optimisation sprints can be very effective at increasing visibility however the true value of an SEO strategy is when it is used to guide and plan a content strategy.

  • Goal-orientated keyword strategy
  • Retrospective content optimisation
  • 12 month content calendar
  • Ongoing meta and content updates for new content

Our Hotel SEO Process

Based on a decade of hotel marketing data

At Umi we de-mystify SEO and start by stripping your website back to its core components of audience analysis, relevance, content and structure. With the backbone set, the team then work to add all the leading edge methods to ensure it surpasses the competition.

Business Goals

Your business priorities need to drive your keyword strategy.

Technically outstanding

We implement industry leading technique

Hotel Specific

SEO is different in for every other industry

Performance Driven

Our processes are driven by what has been proven to work

Hotel SEO at Umi Digital

Do you ever get that niggling feeling that you could be getting better results from your website? You are not alone.

Umi Digital will help you generate more direct booking online through Search Engine Optimisation or SEO (the process of improving your site so that search engines choose to place your website highest in the search results).

We are experts in industry-specific techniques that will help your website rank well and maximise the amazing resources behind today’s search engines. It’s no dark art, in fact, it is surprisingly easy! Umi Digital take the mystery away and provides a simple, transparent service that allows you to see an increase in your website traffic without having to worry about the mechanics.

Our process starts with deep keyword research, competitor analysis and the development of a comprehensive strategy. Once approved, we then work with you on an ongoing basis to optimise all new and existing content while keeping keyword strategy in line with the business goals.

Free SEO Performance Audit?

Why not submit your websites URL and allow us to analyse its SEO and conversion performance to create some actionable improvement points.