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Strategic Support with Experienced Hoteliers

Equipping your business with the best strategy

Running a Hotel can be a very stressful job; the old adage of “working in the business rather than on the business” has never been truer than in the hospitality industry, especially in the managerial roles. Having someone you can rely on who not only knows the hospitality industry but who will also take the time to get to know your business can be very helpful in allowing an owner or manager time to reflect and plan.

We have worked with many hospitality and travel businesses providing personalized strategic support meetings to help relieve the stress of running your business. During these meetings, we’ll review the previous month’s activities and begin planning for the coming month so you’re ready to handle any challenge your business may face. Our strategic support is delivered in a simple, yet concise format to supply owners, managers or key team members with tangible goals going forwards.

Our founder, Steve Lowy, leads our strategic support department and has added significant value to countless hotels over the years, drawing on his successful marketing of Umi Hotels. Steve is currently chairman of the Hotel Marketing Association (HMA), chairman of the British Educational Travel Association (BETA) and a member of the Tourism Alliance. His experience both within hotels and the hospitality and travel sector from a wider/governmental level is unparalleled and is sure to add significant value to your business.

Strategic Support Covers: