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Enjoy this collection of Umi’s analytics related blog posts. From data collection to A/B testing and custom events, we got you covered.

2021 in numbers – the impact on hotel website traffic and revenue

Marketing Manager Tom Morgan-Grenville shares his insights about how the pandemic – and reopening hotels specifically – has been impacting our clients’ website traffic and revenue. He also shares compelling stats about the use of PPC as part of the reopening strategy.

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How A/B testing can help you prioritise functionality over looks

If you have ever talked to anyone at Umi, you’ll know that we firmly believe that websites are living, breathing things. They deserve regular TLC in the form of audits, updates and refinement. But the key is to not just continuously improve your website – you need to continuously and strategically improve it. Find out how A/B testing can help!

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Which metrics really impact your hotel website’s conversion rate?

When you first start out on your conversion rate optimisation journey, it’s hard to tell which numbers are vanity metrics and which metrics will actually have an impact on your end goal. With the sheer number of stats in Google Analytics, it’s easy to get a bit lost. If you are new to conversion rate optimisation here’s where you should start and what you should know. 

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Covid 19 Stats Part 1

How is the Hospitality industry doing, post Covid-19? There are a few answers to this, and as I mentioned in […]

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Understanding Google Search Traffic

In short, search traffic are the website visitors you gain through search engines. Tracking it through services such as Google […]

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Analytics and remarketing – a beautiful synergy

There’s a time and a place for traditional display and search advertising, but in many cases remarketing might be a more suitable approach. Let’s take a look at how analytics and remarketing – and their synergy potential – can help you create better digital advertising campaigns for your hotel or travel business.

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The importance of custom events and goals in Google Analytics

Default Google Analytics is great for tracking page views, sessions and bounce rates, as well as creating stats on device and browser usage etc. This is all very important to know but it stays very generic and barely scratches the surface of what you could find out about your users. This is where custom events and goals come in. Our Operations Director Dana and our MD Harry are sharing their knowledge and experience.

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An Introduction to Google Analytics

Our amazing intern Madi Atkinson kicks off this month’s analytics series with an introduction to Google Analytics. You’ve probably heard of Google Analytics, but may have no clue what it does or if you should be using it. Today she’ll be explaining the basic functions and some of the key benefits that it offers to users. 

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