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We have a love of learning and a passion for hospitality.

Founded in 2010, Umi Digital has increased direct bookings for over 150 hotels.

As a digital-first hotel marketing agency, we tailor our service around the demands of hospitality owners and managers to create a seamless process with tools and technology to make your life easier. Our priority always revolves around generating direct bookings away from the Online Travel Agents so that your Hotel, Hostel, Restaurant, or other hospitality business can create a reliable and loyal customer base.

The million+ hits on our servers every month generate significant amounts of data, on which we base our hotel marketing and design decisions. The last decade of data has given us significant insights into how to win at hospitality and travel marketing, and we look forward to making a significant impact on your business.

Where does Umi come from?

The name Umi (pronounced “oo-me“), derives from the Japanese word for ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’ and, for us, is steeped in symbolism that drives what we do.

You see, the ocean is the fabric that connects the world, touching the border of every continent on earth. It is the original connector of people and the biggest source of adventure and mystery. From Christopher Columbus’ excursion to exotic foreign lands to Jacques Cousteau’s expeditions along the mysterious ocean floor, the ocean has always united humanity and ignited the imagination.

Today, the internet is in many ways the modern equivalent of the ocean – the most modern connector of people and biggest source of wonder and imagination, it is also a vast and potentially treacherous frontier for the majority of people.


Our vision is to be the go-to agency for hospitality and travel businesses that are serious about enhancing their business through digital.

We aspire to be the leading voice for our industry, to educate and inspire. Our full-service team combine strategic thinking and premium execution to lead the way in digital performance.


Our mission is to empower the hospitality and travel industry to succeed in digital through an exceptional blend of strategy and cutting-edge technology.

Our Values


We prioritise learning and personal development to provide the best solutions to our clients and partners.


We challenge ourselves and our clients to push for consistent innovation and progress.


We draw insights from our wide network and share collective learnings to elevate the hospitality and travel community as a whole.


We treat our employees and clients with kindness and acknowledge the importance of the individual’s wellbeing.

The Umi Team

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