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Workshop Facilitation

Helping You to Problem Solve, Innovate & Optimise

Do you need to better align your digital strategy, solve key challenges in your business or innovate more effectively? A process-lead workshop could be the answer.

Being reflective and evaluating the path that you are on is some of the most valuable time you will ever spend in your business.

It has never been more critical to work smarter and not harder. Resources have been squeezed and competition in the digital space has only increased.

Being creative isn’t just a knack that designers and dreamers have, innovation doesn’t just come in lightbulb moments. They are all achievable through process and can be taught and coached.

We run three different types of workshops, Innovation, Problem-Solving and Digital Strategy. Each workshop draws from proven techniques used by leading consultancies and coaches around the world. Our workshops are carefully designed to lead your team through various activities and processes to harness.


“The HIPPO is the highest paid person’s opinion. Far too often the hippo’s word is taken as gospel, which creates desperately unhealthy levels of assumption. And assumption is the captain of all cockups.

72% of new products and services fail. Fact. The most common reason? They are not validated properly. Not validated against the business model or validated by mapping directly to the customer needs.

Umi facilitates workshops for problem-solving, innovation and creating and testing prototypes. 

Our process is specially designed to capture every piece of creativity, across all stakeholders and forces us to challenge underlying assumptions.

Get in touch with our consultants today and we’ll explore how we can facilitate change in your business.”

Harry Fielder

Managing Director
  • Dedicated team

    One facilitator and one administrator and present at all workshops to ensure all bases are covered.

  • Materials provided

    All physical and digital materials will be provided before or during the workshop

  • Structured approach

    The tasks have time restrictions in order to prioritise results. This creates useful time pressure!

  • Wide applicability

    All stakeholders in a project have a part to play in the workshop process. From intern to CEO.

  • Follow up

    All workshops are followed up with a comprehensive summary of findings and bespoke recommendations.

  • Future sessions

    Workshops fit together very nicely and future sessions can be booked to build on progress.

Ready to talk about workshops?

Get in touch with our team and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a further discussion.