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Digital Advertising for Hospitality and Travel

Run relevant, engaging targeted ad campaigns to grow your revenue and build your brand.

Do you have a disproportionate amount of bookings coming from OTAs? Using our tried and tested methods, Umi’s digital advertising team will drive qualified traffic to boost your direct bookings.

Marketing can be summarised in many different ways but we like to think of it as ‘getting the right message to the right person at the right time’.

Advertising is just one of the tools in our arsenal as marketers, it enhances and amplifies a message. The tools afforded to us by Google, Facebook, Metasearch etc. allow us channels to create a highly refined, predictable source of traffic to flow through your existing conversion funnels.

Digital paid advertising in the hospitality space has become indispensable. 

With each of the key digital channels looking to maximise their paid revenue streams, organic visibility has plummeted since 2018 meaning that no matter how strong your message is, it will get lost in the noise unless you amplify your voice. 

At Umi we have a cross funnel strategy to ensure that you are not only converting engaged users but also reaching potential customers at receptive points in their journey.

“We embarked on a relationship with UMI Digital since February, 2022 for our resorts in Mauritius & Marrakech. Our dealings with Harry, Tom, Sophia and the team have been professional and enriching, whilst we started our journey into the digital landscape for The Oberoi. Their guidance, suggestions, intuitive ideas and speed of delivery has helped us improve our digital footprint. We look forward eagerly to growing our business with their constant help and support as we target the new age customer.”

Dhiren Pereira

General Manager, The Oberoi Beach Resort Mauritius

“[When COVID hit,] Umi’s team were always on hand to offer advice and guidance on what they were seeing across their clients and helped reduce costs where possible. On reopening we worked together on implementing a more targeted approach to our Paid Ad strategy. Umi offered advice and practical know how on implementation. Since then, our relationship and the performance of the account has gone from strength to strength. Since the start of this year, we have seen 3X more ROAS and converted at the best rate in the account’s history. 

I’m always happy to recommend Umi Digital not only for paid Ads, but for digital marketing in the hotel industry. I have no doubt about the team’s capability across all aspects of digital marketing for hotels.”

Yogesh Ram

Director of Marketing, Safestay PLC


Onboarding & Goals

  • Meet the team

  • Define KPIs

  • Understand your strategy


Audience Research

  • Geographic research

  • Demographic research

  • Customer lists and lookalikes


Keyword Research

  • Mass keyword ideation

  • Keyword filtering

  • Ad group keyword lists


Advert Design

  • Creative brief

  • Ad creation

  • Feedback and Sign-off


Approval and Launch

  • Deployment to channels

  • Set initial budgets

  • Setup tracking


Ongoing Optimisation

  • Keyword bid management

  • Audience bid adjustment

  • Content optimisation

  • Creative design

    Our experienced design team will create beautiful and effective creative

  • Campaign strategy

    We build a strategy factoring in brand and commercial goals

  • Multi-channel ads

    Using search, social, display and video to reach the right audience with the right message

  • Continuous optimisation

    Weekly enhancements of all live campaigns to optimise bidding and return

  • Account management

    Dedicated account manager and bi-weekly meetings with the Umi team

  • Live ROI dashboard

    See all your campaign stats in real-time through a live ROI dashboard

Paid media is one of the quickest ways to lose a lot of money if done incorrectly. It is also a quick way to miss out on significant amounts of direct business if you ignore it.

Our digital advertising services are end-to-end and deliver campaign strategy, beautiful creative, campaign setup and all the ongoing optimisation to improve results month after month.

We measure our success on your cost per acquisition, a mindset that we think all hotels should budget by. You set your target cost per acquisition and we’ll work to that.

You will always want to find balance between awareness, consideration, and conversion campaigns, but we can come on to that. Schedule a chat with one of our paid media experts and we can take you through it.

Tom Morgan-Grenville

Senior Advertising Manager


Why: Search advertising allows you full control over user intent. At the exact point a user is searching for a hotel in your area, or a USP you offer, you are able to show up in front of them.

It also allows us to take back bookings from OTAs by bidding more efficiently on your branded terms.

How: Search advertising operates using a Pay Per Click (PPC) model. We research and set up a list of search terms that people will enter whilst considering your offering, these could be general, brand-specific or niche-specific.

We will then set up a series of ads for baskets of similar keywords to show the user relevant content. Each of these ads will be directed to relevant landing pages on your site to ensure they have the best chance of becoming a guest.

To make sure that the campaigns are worth your while, we work with various properties and expect to achieve an average return on ad spend (ROAS) of 17:1.


Why: At this point most of us are familiar with social advertising, and love it or hate it, it’s a key part of most businesses marketing strategy.

Social media gives us a great opportunity to take advantage of our understanding of your perfect customer to build unique audiences and deliver engaging messaging to the people who are most likely to end up becoming guests.

How: Using Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, along with your stunning photography, we can put together creative, flighted and well-timed campaigns that will drive new guests to your hospitality or travel business.


Why: Remarketing is an amazing method of building brand recall and can be great for converting guests who are aware of the hotel. These are the ads that follow you around the internet, through display ads on news websites, Instagram product ads or even changing how much you are willing to bid on a return visitor for a search ad.

Remarketing is a fantastic tool to keep in the forefront of guests who may

We love using responsive remarketing for brand building as it allows us to show different adverts to different users depending on how they’ve interacted with the website.

How: We place users into audience baskets, segmented by how they’ve used the website. To do this we look at micro-conversions; these are signals that a user is interested, such as downloading a brochure, checking prices or even looking at a certain page.

Once we have these audience groups set up, we create relevant adverts for each group and subsequently target them via Search and Display advertising.


Why: Interest-based or contextual display advertising allows you to target pages that may be being visited by potential guests with visually led advertising.

These guests will be exposed to your brand throughout the research phase of the sales process, which will make the conversion more likely as they progress through the sales funnel.

How: Using Contextual targeting or Remarketing lets your ads reach web pages with content that compliments your service offering, making users think about you with context that encourages them to buy

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