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Where boundaries are pushed and ideas are born.

Umi Labs

Umi Labs is a space for innovation and testing ideas to drive the industry forward. By adopting a LEAN methodology, we ideate regularly, test quickly and implement MVPs as fast as possible.

A Love of Learning

The willingness to experiment and push boundaries has always been at the core of Umi. From Umi Hotels and their new approach to value and service, through to the Two-Week Website and now through groundbreaking connectivity and marketing tech, we succeed because we keep learning and keep innovating.

Umi labs is both a process and a collection. On a weekly basis, we have learning goals and use dedicated resources within the team to evolve and test at high speed to bring new solutions to the hospitality industry. One of our core values is a love of learning, and Umi Labs is the perfect way to connect our insatiable appetite for trying to offer cutting edge solutions to our clients.

Search Tracking

Analyse demand data and integrate with marketing stack

Price Peek

Rate Parity meets data capture

VR Showrounds

Branded VR headsets for virtual showrounds

Pre-Paid Experiences

Sell non-date product with a light weight ecommerce plugin

Digital Menus

Lighting Fast Digital Menus for Restaurants Post Covid-19

Test and Trace Application

Secure Data Capture for NHS Test and Trace Program

Turning Ideas Into Reality

Do you have an idea that you would love to run through with a development team? We would love to hear from you. The more ideas we can test, the faster we are going to push our industry forward. Fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch with you to explore it further.

For ideas that have a wider benefit for the industry, we are open to investing our time and resources in joint ventures.