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Rate Parity Checker

Enhance User Confidence and Capture Data

Rate parity is the most important part of a direct booking strategy. It has been proven that guest shop around and it is our responsibility to ensure they are seeing the best possible rate.

Introducing Price Peek

The ultimate conversion tool for hotels looking to stay ahead in today’s competitive booking landscape. With Price Peek, you can easily embed a widget on your booking engine that provides potential guests with rate comparisons from popular booking platforms like, Expedia and is operational on both Guestline and Synxis Booking Engines. Show your guests that they’re getting the best deal possible, encouraging them to book directly with you.

Price Peek simplifies data capture and guest relationship management. Encourage guest loyalty by offering exclusive member discounts, and watch as your loyal customer base grows. Plus, Price Peek’s data-driven insights empower you to make informed decisions and stay competitive.

The added benefit of Price Peek is that it can be integrated with your CRM and data capture strategy. With a native integration to Revinate, we have allow hoteliers to offer members rates behind an easy sign-up flow to both capture data and also give an incentive to book direct.

Price Peek has a backend that synchronises rates to a local database and serves near-real time rate comparison, ensuring a significant performance boost over alternative solutions on the market.


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