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Increase website conversion rate for hotel websites

Website Maintenance and Support

Are you not seeing the results you’d like from your website? Do you currently have a performing optimisation cycle?

If you are standing still, you are going backwards. We are well past the set-and-forget mentally for websites.

There are no silver bullets in optimisation. Sure, there are best practices that we can follow but in order to systematically increase conversion rate over time one needs a process. This process is called Growth Driven Design and is used by many of the leading websites. Take a look at our strategy page to understand more about how we use GDD.

Website support and maintenance balances three core areas, reactive development, proactive evolution and peace of mind. Miss just one of those components and your website will never free you to run your business and do what you do best.

“We have been working with Umi since 2019 to manage our website and increase our direct bookings. Sophia, Harry and the Umi team provide strategic guidance across marketing and technology and help us keep the website up to date. 

The team are very approachable, quick  and efficient in helping us if we have a problem which is very much appreciated. 

We look forward to continuing working with Umi and seeing what we can achieve together in the future.”

Sarah Baptiste

Director of Sales and Marketing, The Landmark London

“We made a decision to partner with Umi in the development of our website.  As a new brand concept and a new property it was important that we work with a company that would care about our brand as much as we do. This decision has turned out to be one of the better decisions as they have proved their worth over and again – from initial creation of the website to our sometimes short lead times for changes and modifications to design Umi have been there with us all the way, and now that we are live they continue to assist us with our (frequent) changes and development along with our SEO / PPC in addition to running our Social Media Campaigns and targeted marketing.  A great team, from head to toe, led by a great leader. Thanks Umi for making our lives much easier.”

Darren Evans

Director of Business Development, The Other House

“Umi Digital do a fantastic job overseeing the management of the Good Hotel Guide website.

They are organised and very responsive to requests. They are also strategically strong and very solution oriented. They have spearheaded numerous projects for us, including thinking about a whole new platform for the website. And their approach to solving day-to-day problems is thorough and timely.

They are also very nice people, which is a real plus! Harry Fielder in particular is a real partner for us, proactive, strategic and solution-oriented all at the same time. And he explains complex issues very clearly.”

Richard Fraiman

CEO, Good Hotel Guide

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New Feature Development

As your business changes, your website needs to evolve. With our support package, you will have a number of hours each month to implement new features that enhance the site. These will be carefully planned with your account manager to maximise the time allocation and be released onto a staging site for approval prior to public launch. Some recent features that were delivered for clients on our support package were:

  • Integrating new booking engines
  • Adding personalisation throughout
  • Adding on-site ecommerce
  • New data capture techniques to grow database

Bug Fixes and Maintenance

As digital tooling evoles with new browser versions code libraries and server technology; bugs and conflicts are going to be part of any website journey. While our build process keeps this to a minimum, and it is essential to have a team in place ready to handle any issues as and when they arise.

Our support desk is highly trained to deal with issues quickly and efficiently. Bugs may arise through any of these cases:

  • A new version of WordPress is launched
  • PHP updates (Server language)
  • Browser updates to Chrome and others
  • Launch of new devices with new technologies
  • Plugin upgrades across WordPress network


Malicious users will be targetting your site each and every day so it is essential to have robust security protocols and firewalls in place. In fact our system blocks thousands of malicous attempts each month.

We have partnered up with the best-in-class WordPress hosting provider, WP Engine and offer the following security benefits:

  • Forced secure passwords
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Plugin scans and checks
  • Extensive disk write logs
  • Encrypted media backups
  • Proprietary firewall

High Performance Hosting

Server speed is a significant component in the performance of a site. The science is there to show decreasing conversion rates as load times increase. Over 5 years ago we recognised WP Engine as the leading WordPress enterprise solution and have worked with them ever since. Among many other features, our hosting packages provide:

  • EverCache technology reduces load on server
  • Up to +40% page speed increase on migration
  • 99.99% SLA with uptime protection
  • Platform optimized for WordPress
  • CDN for fast delivery

Training and Assistance

One of our core values is a “Love of Learning”. This transcends our own learning and has made us enthusastic teaches as well. Our values lie in the idea that we work with you and not for you. Ways we do this are through:

  • Dedicated account management
  • Client training days in our office
  • Software tutorials
  • Free webinars for clients
  • Educational newsletters and blog posts

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