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Travel Software Development

Custom software development for hospitality and travel

Are you looking to launch a new product, augment your existing software, or need to rebuild an antiquated system? Umi develops custom software for some of the leading travel businesses.

Almost anybody has access to inventory these days. Be it beds, flights or tickets. It is those who focus on added value that will succeed in travel tech.

The power belongs to those who integrate. With the travel sector advancing its technological capabilities every day, the requirement for integrations and aggregations now sits at the core of a travel businesses ability to succeed. Travellers demand experiences that span sectors, geographies and suppliers, so a strong technical backbone is essential to facilitate these diverse travel requirements.

As specialists in the travel industry, we are well versed in planning, building and deploying custom software that interfaces with the wider API economy. We don’t build with our head down, we leverage our partnerships, our user-centric approach to design and over a decade of experience to turn your software dreams into a high performing reality.

  • Integrate with partners

    Experienced at integrating into the API economy of travel

  • Scalable tech stack

    We build and deploy on scalable AWS solutions

  • User-centric design

    Leverage our award-winning UX/UI design team

  • Future-focussed

    Our software is designed to be built upon over time

  • Payment technology

    Familiar with building in ecommerce using leading providers

  • Project discovery

    All our projects start with a detailed innovation and scoping workshop

“We worked with the team at Umi on building a full stack application, to support us in our goal of bringing the traditionally offline tours & activities sector to our online customers.

From the outset, Harry and the team focused on understanding our customer pain points, our brand and our internal processes to ensure that the project was as efficient as possible. It’s always a gamble for any company to engage outside support, especially when building a strategically important product, but from day one Umi became an extension of our existing team.”

Sam Willan

Vice President, Marketing


Discovery Phase

  • Innovation Workshop

  • Prototypes and wireframes

  • User interviews

  • Technical blueprint


UX/UI Design

  • Wireframing and sketchs

  • Styleguide

  • Mobile renders

  • Desktop renders


Front End

  • Project setup

  • React components

  • Frontend libraries

  • Staging environment


Back End

  • Setup on AWS

  • API Creation

  • Content integration

  • Serverless deployments


Quality Assurance

  • Regression testing

  • Bug fixes

  • Stakeholder feedback

  • Wishlist creation



  • Deploy to production

  • CI/CD setup

  • Domain mapping

  • Caching and optimisation

Discovery Phase

To bring your ideas to life, we insist on running a discover phase first. This acts as a scoping project to explore all existing software, potential tools and give you a roadmap of how a project might look with Umi. This process creates a blueprint for you to take forwards or use to explore other avenues.

Our consultants will lead you through the discovery phase to unpack potentially complex technical challenges, prioritise the solutions, present an easy-to-follow guide for all to understand and buy in to. This not only eases the development process, but it also empowers you to understand the true value of your new solution and where it could go in the future.

UX/UI Design

One thing all the travel titans have at their core is a phenomenal user experience; using data to drive design and marketing decisions. Our UX/UI team will undertake a user-centric design process that will deliver the fuller user journey. They will start by performing a detailed analysis of similar systems, perform user interviews, wireframe extensively, test concepts and finally render beautiful designs.

Typically, our designs are highly modular, and it is intended that these act as a pattern library. We anticipate your system to grow and flex over time.

Superior Code Quality

Code quality can literally make or break an online travel agency. Our approach is to match a custom technology stack to the business objectives, rather than fitting the requirements around existing technological capabilities.

Transparency is essential in these bespoke build projects, so we provide a project dashboard to all stakeholders, which ensures everyone is on the same page and expectations are managed.

Integration Specialists

Through our experiences of integrating 30+ booking engines, property management systems, payment gateways and travel APIs, we are well positioned to facilitate bespoke and custom integration work for your business.

In this API economy, we all have access to large swathes of data and inventory, and this is the backbone that most modern web apps are based on. Our partners, friends and connections are all there to help ease this process.

Payment Gateway Support

Taking online payments quickly and effectively as travel businesses is essential for delivering the final piece of the conversion puzzle. Our experience of Stripe, PayPal and World Pay has given us the toolset to create seamless payment processes that are PCI compliant.

CRM integration

Technology doesn’t create positive experiences for travellers; it facilitates experiences. We always ensure the traveller experience is put first be that through curated suggestions, personalisation and through deep integrations with CRM systems behind the scenes.

Umi Digital has experience working with APIs from HubSpot and other leading CRM systems to deeply integrate booking/sales platforms to ensure information flow happens quickly and securely.

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