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Umi is Japanese for ocean, which is the world’s great connector. Our aim is to connect as many voices from clients, partners and other hospitality businesses. Join us!

The complexity of the hotel technology stack means that no-one can succeed on their own. The levels of specialisation required to succeed in all area forces different suppliers in the industry to deeply specialise and becoming masters at their craft.

Over the last decade, our craft has become pulling the digital strings together. This craft has led us to work with booking engines, property management systems, agencies, and a whole host of other suppliers.

Umi builds its business through relationships and over 90% of our business is generated through word of mouth, reputation and inbound enquiries based on our thought leadership. Partnership is an essential part of our strategy, and we hold one core principle in mind when formalising relationships.

We never compromise our integrity as a digital partner for hotels. This means:

Benefits of Partnering with Umi

Partnering as a Booking Engine

The website and the booking engine are two essential components of the direct booking experience. In the current technical world, a successful website will efficiently take people through to the booking engine, while the booking engine takes the reins to convert the booking.

We work incredibly closely with a number of leading booking engines to ensure the user experience is smooth, the integration is as deep as possible and that the highest level of tracking is implemented.

Many booking engine providers also supply complementary digital services such as performance marketing, websites and supporting marketing. These tend to be ancillary services and for the more complex and bespoke projects, partners like Umi are brought in to allow both businesses to combine their expertise to deliver the best possible offering for the hotel client.

Partnering as a Property Management System

Property management systems across the industry are pushing their levels of connectivity. Partners are essential to develop on top of this connectivity and leverage the power of PMS data. Umi partners with PMS companies to create custom applications, deep integrations and to ensure data flows effectively from the beating heart of the tech stack to the wider marketing strategy.

Partnering as an Agency

Agencies come in all sorts of flavours. There are agencies that create incredible brands, PR companies that take stories to marketing, video production, photography and more. All hold immense value to a complete marketing strategy. Similar to the importance of tech providers connecting and working together, it’s essential that the agencies also work together. 

Umi partners with other agencies with the aim of empowering their marketing through technology.

Partnering as a hotel tech solution

Umi is the intersection between marketing and technology and are regularly working on and with some of the most innovative hotel tech solutions in the industry. 

The more innovative solutions we learn and use, the better value we can offer our clients. If you would like to showcase your product to our team, we would be delighted to see it!

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