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Innovation Workshop

Validated innovation to propel your business forward

Not sure if your idea is going to hold up in your current marketing? Do you know there are problems but unsure about solutions? Our innovation workshop is for you.

Good ideas don’t come from sheer chance and good luck. You create your own luck by following a proven process.

It has never been more important to innovate. When change happens in the world, it is those that can adapt the fastest that succeed, but in order to achieve that a strategy needs to be in place. Amazon are not innovative through dumb luck, they spend more on research and development than the entire UK government. And underpinning these innovation cycles? Process.

The Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas are two complementary tools that combine to form a validation mechanism on which you can evaluate ideas through the lens of value ‘fit’. Read on to find out how we achieve this.


Team welcome

  • Introduce theory

  • Discuss expectations

  • Set clear objectives


Business Model Canvas

  • 9 question format

  • Define the status quo

  • Create mutual understanding


Individual ideation

  • Rapid ideation

  • Idea prioritisation

  • Group discussion


Value Proposition Canvas

  • Define customer map

  • Define value map

  • Map ideas to canvas


Commit to action

  • Canvas ownership

  • SMART objectives

  • Assign accountability

The Business Proposition Canvas

Your business can be described using 9 fundamental building blocks. We use the business model canvas, which is suitable for businesses at all levels of experience, to clearly set the context or status quo on which to innovation. These questions will help to give an overview of the nature of your business’s Partners, Activities, Resources, Value Proposition, Customer Relationships, Channels, Customer Segments, Revenue Streams and Costs. This clear definition forms the foundation of any commercial and innovation strategy.

  • Map Existing Business Models
  • Design New Business Models
  • Manage a Portfolio of Business Models

The Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas becomes a tool on which to test and evaluate new concepts through the lens of your business proposition. The canvas comprises two parts, the customer profile and the value map.

The customer profile describes the jobs customers are trying to achieve, their current frustrations, and their definition of what success looks like. The map becomes clearer the more we add to it.

The value map lists our products and services, how they are pain relievers and how they are gain producers.

  • Precisely define your customer profiles
  • Visualize the value you create
  • Achieve Product-Market fit


Bringing them together

Now we have to achieve ‘fit’ and this is done by creating a clear connection between what matters to customers and how your products and services relieve pain and create gains.

The best value propositions are ones that find excellent link ups between both the value map and the customer map.

Ready to talk about Innovation Workshops?

Our workshop facilitator will guide you through how the session could be applied to your business and the benefits that can be achieved.