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Web Accessibility in 2021

What is Web accessibility? The Web Accessibility Initiative defines it as “[…] websites, tools, and technologies [being] designed and developed so that people with disabilities can use them. More specifically, people can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the Web as well as contribute to the Web”. This means in order to be accessible a […]

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How to convince your colleagues to do a Lightning Decision Jam

When it comes to making decisions about your website or marketing strategy, one of the biggest hurdles can be persuading the key decision makers within the company to get on board with the change. We understand that introducing new ideas and methods – especially during a pandemic – can be tricky, so here’s a quick guide on how to convince your colleagues to do a LDJ.

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How A/B testing can help you prioritise functionality over looks

If you have ever talked to anyone at Umi, you’ll know that we firmly believe that websites are living, breathing things. They deserve regular TLC in the form of audits, updates and refinement. But the key is to not just continuously improve your website – you need to continuously and strategically improve it. Find out how A/B testing can help!

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Which metrics really impact your hotel website’s conversion rate?

When you first start out on your conversion rate optimisation journey, it’s hard to tell which numbers are vanity metrics and which metrics will actually have an impact on your end goal. With the sheer number of stats in Google Analytics, it’s easy to get a bit lost. If you are new to conversion rate optimisation here’s where you should start and what you should know. 

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You can’t polish a turd – Does your website suck?

As the old saying goes, “you can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter”. The same goes for websites too. If you are designing a new website and the majority of your scoping session is spent discussing styling, then the chances are your website is going to be a bit… poo!

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How to make Google love your landing pages

A successful landing page is one that prioritises function over looks, while adhering to Google’s expectations. When creating an ad, don’t ignore the impact of your landing page. Before setting up your landing page, remind yourself of the end goal of this specific landing page. This end goal can be different from your overall website goal. Work through the steps outlined above and if in doubt, keep it simple.

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Success Story: How Umi helped generate £15k monthly voucher revenue for a boutique hotel

Throughout lockdown, the Umi team embarked on a fast-paced innovation cycle to create tools to support hotels through the crisis. This post is about how Pop Up Purchasing was created and how our tool helped generate over £15,000 for one particular hotel and supported their overheads throughout the crisis.

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Harry’s House Analogy for Website Usability

Houses have an inherent usability about them – we know how to use doors, taps, toilets and the rest of the house right out the starting blocks. We need to use this lens when approaching website design. By tapping into the digital paradigms that have been set for us, we can be both creative with aesthetic as well as designing for maximum conversion rate.

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Ecosia – How to spend your ad budget on the planet!

What is Ecosia? Ecosia is a Search Engine company, based out of Berlin. Their mission goal is to operate entirely ethically and to use all of their profit to plant trees and fund reforestation projects across the world.  Contrary to much of the global tech industry, they pride themselves on transparency. They achieve this by […]

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