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Partnering with Tickitto to bring ticket sales to independent operators

Tickitto have put their blood, sweat and tears into connecting global ticket supply with the previously un-connectable event management systems and now provide a fast, secure and developer-friendly platform for us travel tech innovators to build with. At Umi, we are super excited to announce a partnership with Tickitto which will bring the power of fully connected ticket sales to thousands of independent operators to facilitate ancillary revenue and fuel a better guest experience.

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Umi Labs: Creating an internal innovation department at Umi Digital

Umi Labs is something we set up to provide a showcase for hospitality innovations. Not necessarily as our front-line product suite but more of a collection of interesting partially tested ideas that we think could have legs in the world of hospitality. Read Harry’s thoughts about Umi Labs here.

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2021 in numbers – the impact on hotel website traffic and revenue

Marketing Manager Tom Morgan-Grenville shares his insights about how the pandemic – and reopening hotels specifically – has been impacting our clients’ website traffic and revenue. He also shares compelling stats about the use of PPC as part of the reopening strategy.

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The Cookieless Web for Hotels – A guide to privacy-first websites

What is a cookie? The mother of all cookies, Google, is probably in the best position to provide a concise definition. They explain that a cookie is “a small file saved on people’s computers to help store preferences and other information that’s used on webpages that they visit.” Both Google Analytics and Google Ads use […]

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Are page builders right for my hotel website?

Page builders are fantastic for small operations where traffic will be limited and the growth plans are not significant. They often come with lower price tags and perhaps offer more flexibility when dealing on a page-by-page basis.

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How to Run a Remote Lightning Decision Jam

Lightning Decision Jam workshops are so effective because it allows teams to solve problems together. However, in the current working climate, with so many of us working from home, conducting workshops in the same physical space has become a huge challenge. In the article, I will give you some great tools and tips that will allow you to run a Lightning Decision Jam remotely.

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Supercharge Revinate with Contacts API

Introduction and Benefits Revinate is an industry-leading CRM system for hotels and hospitality. It draws its competitive advantage from excellent segmentation and deep integrations with PMS. This ensures up-to-date information for each guest is used for effective segmentation, targeting, and positioning of the hotel’s marketing strategy. The ultimate goal for hotels is to have a […]

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Umi Digital appointed as the Good Hotel Guide’s marketing agency

Umi Digital was recently appointed as the Good Hotel Guide’s digital marketing agency to increase web traffic, grow their mailing list, improve brand awareness and optimise the guide’s overall digital success. They will be working closely together by analysing and optimising the current platform, implementing changes based on rigorous user testing, and developing new features […]

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Web Accessibility in 2021

What is Web accessibility? The Web Accessibility Initiative defines it as “[…] websites, tools, and technologies [being] designed and developed so that people with disabilities can use them. More specifically, people can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the Web as well as contribute to the Web”. This means in order to be accessible a […]

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