A selection of thought pieces from our hotel marketing experts at Umi Digital

Why You Should Be Using GeoIP in Your Hotel Website

If you're on this page, I know where you are..Some say threatening and creepy, we say it’s one of the best things to hear as a hotel marketeer. Analysing and acting upon a users location opens s Read more

What is Email Automation and how can it benefit my business?

We're delighted to present a guest post by the wonderful Red Circle Digital! We've partnered up with them to deliver industry leading email marketing solutions to the hospitality sector. I you're inte Read more

Optimising your Live Chat through Automation

Automation and personalisation might sound mutually exclusive, but automated processes can actually help us enhance the user experience by making it even more personalised.Even the smallest and mo Read more

Why use Google Tag Manager on your Hotel Website?

We’re going to go a little techie for a moment and discuss why using Google Tag Manager is really useful for your hotel website and help you increase direct bookings. First we’ll go through what i Read more

Dynamic Personalisation | May Automation Month

The idea of dynamic content in automation may seem a bit of a contradiction but as we delve deeper into modern day technology, not only is dynamic personalisation possible, it is an absolute game chan Read more

Abandonment Capture | May Automation Month

What is it? Some customers explore your website and head straight to the book now button and just as they are about to convert they drop off and never appear again. What was the reason for th Read more

Facebook's AR Platform and Hotel Marketing

Last week Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg stood on stage at the Facebook F8 developer conference and took us through the next stage of achieve their 10-year plan of “Allowing everybody Read more

Doing the Splits with Google Optimise

“Variant testing has typically been at the mercy of the agency, however Google Optimise now puts this incredibly powerful marketing technique in the hands of anyone with a browser and a Google acc Read more

Welcoming our new Junior Front-End Web Developer!

We asked our new Junior Front-End Developer a few questions this week to find out a little bit more about our new team member!So, what do you do at Umi Digital? I am a Junior Front-End Web De Read more

What is Facebook Edge Ranking?

"More than 90% of fans never come back to visit a Facebook Page again after liking it." So you have been spending all of your time getting people to like your hotel/hostel/restaurant Facebook busines Read more