A selection of thought pieces from our hotel and hospitality marketing experts at Umi Digital.

Dark Social and UTM Tags | Umi Digital

What is dark social?Dark social generates traffic to your website that you can’t track because users share links to your content privately. Dark social comes from users sharing links through: Read more

World's Whackiest Hotels in the world | Umi Digital

Did you know that in today's modern era, there are roughly over 187,000 different hotels operating around the world, with a total of 17.5 million different hotels rooms for guests to choose from, all Read more

Does My Hotel Website Need an HTML Sitemap Page? | Umi Digital

Sitemaps, as the name suggest, help visitors navigate your hotel’s website, whether these visitors are Google’s crawlers or potential guests to your hotel. There are two main types of sitemaps to Read more

Why XML Sitemaps Are Important to Your Hotel Website | Umi Digital

What is an XML sitemap?An XML (Extensible Markup Language) sitemap is a file of code that search engines like Google use to crawl and index the relevant pages of your hotel’s website. By creatin Read more

What Search Impression Share Means for Your Hotel Website

Why is search impression share important for my hotel’s website?Your search impression share is an indicator of the effectiveness of your hotel’s ad in reaching people. It helps you understand Read more

Guide: Customised Hotel Website Landing Pages

What is a landing page?A landing page is a web page a visitor is directed to after clicking a link from a hotel marketing channel (e.g. email newsletter, pay-per-click ads, or social media). Landi Read more

A Decade of Airbnb | How Airbnb Changed Hospitality

Airbnb has now been serving the public for the last ten years and has single-handedly changed the way many of us travel around the world. As the title implies, Airbnb first came into our lives in the Read more

How to Increase Traffic to Your Hospitality Business Website

In this age of the Internet, businesses are flocking to the web in order to attract as many customers as they can. As a casual consumer looking at a hotel or restaurant’s website, one business might Read more

Fantastic pop-ups and where to use them

From the “Your computer is infected, click here for a prize!” to the “Sign up to hear the latest news on battenberg cake.” most of us encounter pop-ups on a daily basis.This blog will talk Read more

Programmatic Marketing for Hotels

Umi Digital’s introduction to what programmatic marketing is and how it can help to increase direct bookings through your hotel website.What is Programmatic Marketing? Programmatic marketing Read more