A selection of thought pieces from our hotel marketing experts at Umi Digital

How to use Psychology in Hotel Marketing

On Tuesday night this we week the members of the Hotel Marketing Association were treated to a superb evening on how psychology can be used in hotel marketing.The Hotel Marketing Association hoste Read more

6 things you need to know about Social Media Strategy Mapping

Good morning! I recently attended a workshop at General Assembly to brush up on my social media strategy skills. Here are 6 points that I feel are relevant to your hotel or restaurant's Social Media s Read more

6 Key Takeaways from Hotel Tech Live 2017

Our sales and marketing exec Luke ventured to Hotel Tech Live, from 26-27 Sept at ExCeL London, to find out what's new in the world of hotel technology. Here's what he came back with:1. Hotel phot Read more

Our 5 Tips to Staying Safe Online

The internet has become a massive part of our lives over the past 10 years and has become a daily necessity for both work and pleasure. Take a moment to evaluate your personal usage of the internet an Read more

Page Builders vs Custom Fields for Hotel Websites

If you have ever spoken to anyone from Umi, you will probably have been bombarded with our enthusiasm towards WordPress as a stable, secure and powerful open source content management system for our h Read more

Are hotel keycards a thing of the past?

Ever had that embarrassing moment when you can't find your hotel key card after a long night of drinking and socialising? Perhaps you left it on the table by the bar or inside that tapas restaurant by Read more

Let Great Social Content Promote Your Business for You While You Sleep

Read our guest blog post by John Talbott, Co-Founder of Twizoo: Social media is woven throughout our everyday lives. With 1.8 billion photos shared on social daily, it has quickly become the Read more

Is Technology Leading Us To Disaster?

The world as we know it has changed dramatically over the last decade as a result of technical advances and the resulting changes in behaviour; so much so that experts are now worried about the effect Read more

Hotel Pods - Japan

The smallest hotel room in the worldEver had an issue with the size of your hotel room? Perhaps the pictures simply made it look bigger than it actually was, or maybe you simply were forced into Read more

Londons Smallest Hotel

Perhaps Bigger is not Better?With London having such a rich history, culture and charming quirks it is always great fun to come across hotels with little quirky claims to fame. A rich history can Read more