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Google Signals for Hotel Conversion Tracking

We are always looking for new ways to improve and expand the products and services we can offer our partner hotels. We have started using Google Signals for some of the larger hostels on the Umi system and wanted to share the benefits of integrating this technology into your hotel marketing strategy. What is Google […]

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The Importance of Micro-interactions in Design

What is a Micro-interaction? Micro-interactions are small events which serve a single, purpose on a website or app. They can be used to inform, engage or simply delight the user.  A popular example of a micro-interaction is the ‘Like’ button on Facebook. The reason it is so successful is that it not only enhances the […]

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3 Takeaways from WP Engine 2019

Agencies are no longer  the do-ers, they are the orchestrators Only 5 years ago, the average digital agency spent approximately 80% of time working on the design and build for their clients with the remaining 20% on ongoing marketing services. This was at a time when the best user experiences of digital systems significantly outshone […]

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How to Connect Revinate with Zapier

Revinate have for the last several years steadily positioned themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the hotel CRM space – Their Hotel CRM, marketing and reputation management deliver great results through some deeply specialised hotel functionality and workflows. With this being said, easily getting data into Revinate has two main options: Through […]

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Cassie & The Independent Hotel Show

 Originally from China, I studied in China, United States, Singapore and now London. In London, I work as an intern at Umi Digital for two and a half days a week, take two modules (‘courses’ in the US) at the University of Westminster and spend the rest of my time exploring the UK. Here […]

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How to Improve SEO for Hotel Websites?

Are you publishing great content onto your website but failing to receive the recognition or traction you’d like from your content generation? It doesn’t get more painful than spending hours researching a certain topic for a new blog or creating pages of grammar perfect content, for it to receive just four solitary page views. So […]

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Top 3 Reasons Why Hotels Fail to Compete Online

It has been a reflective few weeks for me. By preparing talks on hotel marketing and through our increased focus on marketing innovation at Umi, I have been steadily been clarifying some key trends that seem to be appearing in the world of hotel and travel marketing. These trends are pretty much synonymous with why […]

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Hoteliers Guide to Google Tag Manager (GTM)

A Google Tag Manager container acts as a gateway to your hotel website for loading tracking scripts and other functionality – If GTM is unfamiliar to you, take a look at our introductory article which will take you through the concept. By using a GTM container, hotel marketers can be the ones to deploy new […]

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Traditional Remarketing vs Dynamic Remarketing

What is Traditional Remarketing? You will have heard about remarketing in hotel marketing from various grapevines for a few years now and may be familiar with its use. Google made remarketing available in 2010 and allowed website owners to display advertising to users that came to the website but didn’t convert. It’s the tool that […]

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