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Ecosia – How to spend your ad budget on the planet!

What is Ecosia? Ecosia is a Search Engine company, based out of Berlin. Their mission goal is to operate entirely ethically and to use all of their profit to plant trees and fund reforestation projects across the world.  Contrary to much of the global tech industry, they pride themselves on transparency. They achieve this by […]

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The Digitisation of Physical Assets

How to deliver menus and other information in the best way Hotels and restaurants are needing to deliver digital assets more than ever. Whether that is menus, wine lists, information packs or anything else. Most of these businesses are now repurposing website pages to deliver this content. In this article we introduce how Static Sites […]

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6 Key Technology Trends for Hotels

Programming Languages The first languages that typically appear in a course for beginner developers are HTML and CSS. While these will tide you over from a marketing point of view with regards to newsletters and some basic editing of websites, the increasingly important language of the web is Javascript. In fact over 95% of websites […]

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Our Experience Through Covid-19

Hospitality has been unimaginably tested during this time and, while we are not a front line hospitality business, our fate is directly tied to the industry as a specialist agency. The last few months have been tough, as they have been on everyone, but I just wanted to openly and honestly share our situation and […]

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Covid 19 Statistics Part 2

How has Covid-19 Impacted hotels? The short answer to this is a lot, the longer answer depends on the sort of hotel as to whether this is good or bad. Just before lockdown we put together some statistics at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic (30 days to the 20th March) with 14 key varied […]

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Covid 19 Stats Part 1

How is the Hospitality industry doing, post Covid-19? There are a few answers to this, and as I mentioned in my previous blog the short one is: Rural hotels are coming back well, City Hotels are lagging behind. Using data from across our hospitality clients, over 2.6 million user sessions, we have compared data across […]

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Designing Changes in Policy Due To Covid-19

Everyone in the hospitality and service industries is thinking about how we can safely get customers back into these locations. One of the most important factors in this is inspiring confidence, trust and a sense of safety in our customers.  A great way of doing this is using your website to display your Covid-19 policies […]

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Introducing Covid 19 & Umi

Over the past few months we have all gone through a number of challenges and changes and the hospitality industry has been no different. Indeed, the hospitality sector has seen a reduction of sales by 87% in the second quarter of 2020*. Although hotels were closed for many months, we were kept busy at Umi […]

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The ‘Post Stay’ Hotel Email

In this blog post, you will learn what a post-stay email is and what it should contain. We will also explain why and when to send this email and how often you need to update it. Missed our other articles from this series? Read the previous blog What is a post-stay email and what does […]

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