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Covid 19 Stats

How is the Hospitality industry doing, post Covid-19? There are a few answers to this, and as I mentioned in my previous blog the short one is: Rural hotels are coming back well, City Hotels are lagging behind. Using data from across our hospitality clients, over 2.6 million user sessions, we have compared data across […]

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Designing Changes in Policy Due To Covid-19

Everyone in the hospitality and service industries is thinking about how we can safely get customers back into these locations. One of the most important factors in this is inspiring confidence, trust and a sense of safety in our customers.  A great way of doing this is using your website to display your Covid-19 policies […]

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Introducing Covid 19 & Umi

Over the past few months we have all gone through a number of challenges and changes and the hospitality industry has been no different. Indeed, the hospitality sector has seen a reduction of sales by 87% in the second quarter of 2020*. Although hotels were closed for many months, we were kept busy at Umi […]

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The ‘Post Stay’ Hotel Email

In this blog post, you will learn what a post-stay email is and what it should contain. We will also explain why and when to send this email and how often you need to update it. Missed our other articles from this series? Read the previous blog What is a post-stay email and what does […]

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The ‘Your Upcoming Stay’ Email

In this blog post you will learn about “Upcoming Stay’ emails, what they are, what information to include and what the benefits of them are. Missed our other articles from this series? Read our introduction to email marketing here. What is an Upcoming Stay Email?  An upcoming stay email campaign gives you an easy opportunity […]

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The Thank You Email

They have booked! Great news. A non-refundable rate and they’re arriving in a month. Everyone at the hotel is looking forward to seeing them then. This month is probably the most wasted month in the whole buyers cycle because the conversion has happened and the hotel quite often sees that as the end of the […]

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An Introduction to Email Marketing

This month’s blogs are all surrounding the topic of email marketing. Such as remarketing emails, how you can use emails throughout your customer journey and how you can increase brand advocacy through this medium.  What is email marketing? Email marketing is quite simply marketing through the use of email. Email marketing can have a variety […]

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Understanding Google Search Traffic

In short, search traffic are the website visitors you gain through search engines. Tracking it through services such as Google Ads and Google Analytics allows you to be able to view how people have come onto your website, be it via organic, paid, or another medium. This then allows you to better track the efficiency […]

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How can data help us design hotel websites?

Traditional web design is outdated. It can be a painful process which often goes over time and over budget. If you rely purely on assumptions and aesthetic choices to design your hotel website, you may end up with a shiny, great looking site, but it may not even perform as well or convert as highly as your old one!

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Bespoke Websites

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