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Communicating your hotel offering to domestic travellers

In previous posts, we’ve talked about how to adjust your product, your audiences and your website in order to drive the maximum conversion focus. Now we would like to go into the final piece of the puzzle. Bringing all these elements together by guiding your perfect audiences to your well set-up site to find your […]

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Using QR and NFC for a Touchless In-Room Experience

The Touchless Post-COVID-19 Era Alongside the obvious financial ramifications, we’re going to be facing a considerable challenge in adapting our hotel product for a touchless, more considered guest when it comes to physical movement and contact. The news and government guidance have been designed to make us more careful, sceptical and conscious of personal hygiene […]

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Adjusting Your Website For Domestic Travel

Domestic Travel Series: Website Optimisation We have explored how to adjust both the product and the personas to optimise your hospitality offering for domestic travel. Now it’s time to establish a number of different ways we can tailor your hotel website to make the best use of this change in demographic.  This post is designed […]

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Creating Buyer Personas For Domestic Travel

Domestic tourism is being predicted to see the fastest comeback after any tourism crisis. Once people are physically able to travel we would expect to see domestic travellers making the journeys first due to a lingering worry or logistical issues with international travellers. Legislation and logistics is one thing but customer confidence is a different […]

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Optimising Your Hotel Offering For Domestic Travel

Numerous sources are suggesting that domestic travel is going to be the first area to pick back up after the crisis. We must acknowledge that there is a distinct difference between the end of a lockdown period and the return of customer confidence. We might be physically able to travel but it’s unlikely that guests […]

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How to Nail Virtual Tours During Lockdown with Google Cardboard

I’ve been wanting someone to try this for three years now but never quite had the time or space to properly implement it. Stay with me because I think it’s really cool. The number of virtual tours across our network is growing really quickly. They’re shiny, they exhibit very well at tradeshows and are subsequently […]

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FREE Google Ads Credit for Hotels COVID-19

As part of Google’s support process throughout the COVID-19 crisis, they have made the decision to release US$340 million in ad credits to small and medium-sized businesses around the world. Many hotels will fall into Google’s eligible criteria so here is a quick post detailing how we can approach it and make the best use […]

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Digital Crisis Mitigation for Hotels

Introduction At Umi we have spent a lot of time over the past few weeks talking about crisis management, however, in the current situation that the hospitality industry finds itself in, we are seeing a crisis that is managing us. The steps that need to be taken here are different and this blog will outline […]

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Generating Hotel Revenue During Covid-19

Revenue has pretty much evaporated for hotels (and a lot of suppliers of hotels for that matter). It is a challenge that has undoubtedly caused the most challenging financial situation in hospitality in a generation. When faced with these challenges however there are two ways to go as hotel marketers, we can go dormant or […]

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