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The Customer Journey | Is Your Hotel Website Easy to Navigate?

12 May 2024


Is your website easy to navigate?


At Umi, we create seamless, accessible platforms for our clients.


We can help make website navigation simpler and, ultimately, improve the customer journey — with a host of benefits, such as increased bookings and revenue.


So, check out our blog to discover how we can help you:

Intuitive Navigation Menu | Enhancing the Customer Journey

When users click onto your website, they want to experience efficiency, speed, and ease.


Adopting a well-defined structure for your website ensures your users navigate with clarity and precision, with simple ‘next steps’.


One way of doing this is by categorising your hotel facilities. This allows users to effortlessly locate and book specific areas they require.


These organised categories not only facilitate easy navigation, but also encourage guests to explore the diverse offerings available, ultimately driving bookings.


Implementing user-friendly dropdown menus for subcategories can streamline the process for users, helping them locate exactly what they need without endlessly scrolling.


Take a look at some of our latest projects to learn more about how we help our clients improve the customer journey.

Reap the Benefits of a Call-to-Action Button 

Employing multiple strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) buttons is a serviceable and creative method, creating convenient shortcuts to engage and broaden customer attraction.


A CTA button is a written prompt, encouraging users to take a specific action to interact with your service. They provide a clear and concise direction, and can lead to higher conversion rates.


For your hotel website, impactful CTA buttons might include prompts like, ‘take a look at our menu’ or ‘book your stay now’, compelling users to take action with a simple click.


Get in touch with a member of our team today to explore different ways to incorporate effective call-to-actions into your website.

The Importance of a Consistent Design

Maintaining a consistent content and design layout after the user clicks on a CTA button is essential for reinforcing  a seamless customer journey.


This ensures comfort and familiarity throughout their navigation and instils confidence as they progress throughout the website. 


As well as promoting familiarity within a website, consistency also creates a more efficient experience for your users, as they can pick up on design patterns they’ve previously encountered on the site.


At Umi, we build websites that reflect your brand and stay consistent, to ensure the customer journey is a positive (and successful) experience.

Breadcrumb Navigation | Improve the Customer Journey

Many websites have begun to adopt the ‘breadcrumb’ set-up. This is a navigational aid that allows the customer to keep track of their current location within a website, and its relation to pages they’ve visited before.


This can help them comprehend their journey, compare deals, and find what they’re looking for next.


At Umi, we can help you enhance your service by embedding this system into your bespoke website, providing a user-friendly way to track history on your site.

Optimise Your Website

By investing in a fast and efficient website, you’re able to improve user satisfaction and cultivate a positive customer journey.


By reducing the number of clicks required to access relevant content or complete a task, users can navigate more efficiently, saving both time and effort.


While the number of clicks should be kept to a minimum, it’s also important to reduce loading times for pages to limit user frustration. 


Reducing your users’ waiting time increases customer satisfaction and encourages engagement — overall supporting the customer journey.


By optimising page load times and streamlining navigation, you minimise the risk of users abandoning your site and seeking alternatives.


At Umi, our aim is to help you find ways to enhance the customer journey. If you have any queries, or would like to discuss objectives for your website, please contact a member of our team.

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