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Insights by: Harry Fielder


Harry Fielder

I’m 6 foot 8, I bang my head regularly and don’t fit on the tube particularly well, I am currently planning my wedding this summer, I look like Peter Crouch when I play football (robot included), I would probably take a London Pride over a lager and being in the middle of nowhere for a week sounds quite appealing. If someone said “impress me in 30 seconds” I would probably try and do a handstand.

Success Story: How Umi helped generate £15k monthly voucher revenue for a boutique hotel

Throughout lockdown, the Umi team embarked on a fast-paced innovation cycle to create tools to support hotels through the crisis. This post is about how Pop Up Purchasing was created and how our tool helped generate over £15,000 for one particular hotel and supported their overheads throughout the crisis.

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Harry’s House Analogy for Website Usability

Houses have an inherent usability about them – we know how to use doors, taps, toilets and the rest of the house right out the starting blocks. We need to use this lens when approaching website design. By tapping into the digital paradigms that have been set for us, we can be both creative with […]

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The Digitisation of Physical Assets

How to deliver menus and other information in the best way Hotels and restaurants are needing to deliver digital assets more than ever. Whether that is menus, wine lists, information packs or anything else. Most of these businesses are now repurposing website pages to deliver this content. In this article we introduce how Static Sites […]

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6 Key Technology Trends for Hotels

Programming Languages The first languages that typically appear in a course for beginner developers are HTML and CSS. While these will tide you over from a marketing point of view with regards to newsletters and some basic editing of websites, the increasingly important language of the web is Javascript. In fact over 95% of websites […]

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Our Experience Through Covid-19

Hospitality has been unimaginably tested during this time and, while we are not a front line hospitality business, our fate is directly tied to the industry as a specialist agency. The last few months have been tough, as they have been on everyone, but I just wanted to openly and honestly share our situation and […]

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The Thank You Email

They have booked! Great news. A non-refundable rate and they’re arriving in a month. Everyone at the hotel is looking forward to seeing them then. This month is probably the most wasted month in the whole buyers cycle because the conversion has happened and the hotel quite often sees that as the end of the […]

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Using QR and NFC for a Touchless In-Room Experience

The Touchless Post-COVID-19 Era Alongside the obvious financial ramifications, we’re going to be facing a considerable challenge in adapting our hotel product for a touchless, more considered guest when it comes to physical movement and contact. The news and government guidance have been designed to make us more careful, sceptical and conscious of personal hygiene […]

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Adjusting Your Website For Domestic Travel

Domestic Travel Series: Website Optimisation We have explored how to adjust both the product and the personas to optimise your hospitality offering for domestic travel. Now it’s time to establish a number of different ways we can tailor your hotel website to make the best use of this change in demographic.  This post is designed […]

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Optimising Your Hotel Offering For Domestic Travel

Numerous sources are suggesting that domestic travel is going to be the first area to pick back up after the crisis. We must acknowledge that there is a distinct difference between the end of a lockdown period and the return of customer confidence. We might be physically able to travel but it’s unlikely that guests […]

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