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Insights by: Harry Fielder

Harry Fielder

I’m 6 foot 8, I bang my head regularly and don’t fit on the tube particularly well, I am currently planning my wedding this summer, I look like Peter Crouch when I play football (robot included), I would probably take a London Pride over a lager and being in the middle of nowhere for a week sounds quite appealing. If someone said “impress me in 30 seconds” I would probably try and do a handstand.

Top 3 Reasons Why Hotels Fail to Compete Online

It has been a reflective few weeks for me. By preparing talks on hotel marketing and through our increased focus on marketing innovation at Umi, I have been steadily been clarifying some key trends that seem to be appearing in the world of hotel and travel marketing. These trends are pretty much synonymous with why […]

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Hoteliers Guide to GTM

A Google Tag Manager container acts as a gateway to your website for loading tracking scripts and other functionality – If GTM is unfamiliar to you, take a look at our introductory article which will take you through the concept. By using a GTM container, hotel marketers can be the ones to deploy new tools […]

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Traditional Remarketing vs Dynamic Remarketing

What is Traditional Remarketing? You will have heard about remarketing in hotel marketing from various grapevines for a few years now and may be familiar with its use. Google made remarketing available in 2010 and allowed website owners to display advertising to users that came to the website but didn’t convert. It’s the tool that […]

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Why You’re Flying Blind | Part 1

Conversion rate is an essential metric that needs to be tracked. It has been that way for years, and hotels are generally good at knowing how many transactions are generated through the booking engine. Indeed, most hotels are good at tracking the top of the funnel as to give a percentage conversion rate – typically […]

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The Future of Hotel Booking Engines

We actually had our own booking engine once upon a time. It was called bookitwith and was, in many ways, ahead of its time in 2012. It was the first responsive booking engine on the market that had a deep integration with Google Analytics. Since putting the booking engine on hold to pursue the marketing […]

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Content First vs. Design First Website Design

Should you write the content first or design the website first? It’s a question that many of our hotel and travel partners ask and has the potential to really make or break the success of a website if done incorrectly, as well as creating friction in the agency/client relationship. Over the last few years and […]

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Content Management Beyond 2019

The steady marketing mantra of “content is king” has been recycled as a trade show presentation for too long but the fact still stands that it is content that largely governs the success of our digital presence. The point of this little post is not to go into why creating good content is essential; that […]

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A Hotelier’s Guide to APIs

You have heard the term bounded around recently by PMS, Booking engine, CRM and all sorts of other software providers for the hospitality and travel industry. It does however get a little confusing so here I am going to try and debunk what it means in layman’s terms and also explore why APIs are essential […]

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Dark Social and UTM Tags

What is dark social?   Dark social generates traffic to your website that you can’t track because users share links to your content privately. Dark social comes from users sharing links through: Email Direct messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram Direct Message, iMessage, and Whatsapp Native mobile apps like Facebook and Instagram Secure browsing […]

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