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Insights by: Harry Fielder


Harry Fielder

Harry is our CEO at Umi. To him, leading in tech involves bridging the gap between software and business. As a developer and marketer in equal measure, his role focuses on translating business goals into creative and robust software and marketing solutions. He loves sharing his knowledge and insights across many platforms, both virtually and in real life. In his free time, he enjoys tinkering with his custom PC, gaming and learning about new technologies. Random fact: Harry is 6 foot 8 and regularly bangs his head on the tube. Does his head hurt? Just ask -

Why Does Server-Side Tracking Matter for Hotels?

Why does Server-Side Tracking matter for Hotels? You will have to indulge me in going into some more technical topics […]

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How will tracking and analytics change throughout 2023?

Top 5 Hotel Website Analytics Trends for 2023 Not a day goes by that our roles in hotel marketing are […]

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Harry Fielder to Chair the HMA for 2023/2024

The Hotel Marketing Association (HMA) has appointed Harry Fielder as its next chair Harry Fielder, CEO of Umi, will chair […]

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Podcast: How to choose the right keywords?

Tom Morgan-Grenville 0:18 Good afternoon, everyone. How are you doing? Harry Fielder 0:20 Well, I’m okay. I can’t speak for […]

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Podcast: How do I sell the dream for luxury hotels?

Tom Morgan-Grenville 0:19 Good afternoon, Harry. Harry Fielder 0:21 We’re delighted that you can be joining us today we are […]

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Stuck for content ideas? Use this 3 step process.

Introduction The hardest word to write in a new post is the first one. I used to think of this […]

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Podcast: To advertise or not to advertise?

Harry Fielder Welcome to Umi and a cup of tea, the podcast for me where we discuss all things technology, […]

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A very merry Christmas from Harry and the Umi team

If you know our Managing Director Harry, you probably know that he loves to talk. But he’s also great at […]

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An Exciting Partnership with Tickitto

Tickitto have put their blood, sweat and tears into connecting global ticket supply with the previously un-connectable event management systems and now provide a fast, secure and developer-friendly platform for us travel tech innovators to build with. At Umi, we are super excited to announce a partnership with Tickitto which will bring the power of fully connected ticket sales to thousands of independent operators to facilitate ancillary revenue and fuel a better guest experience.

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