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What’s Your Hotel Tech Strategy? | Defining a Digital Plan

20 May 2024


Are you looking for ways to refine your hotel tech strategy?


At Umi, our aim is to help you outline and adopt new technology techniques, to improve operations and enhance the overall customer experience.


In  this blog, we’re sharing 5 ideas to help boost your business:

Introduce In-Room Technology for Your Hotel Tech Strategy

In the modern world of hi-tech, it’s important to offer your guests advanced technology to help improve their overall experience.


At Umi, we aim to provide our clients with cutting-edge technology that begins the moment they arrive in the lobby, and extends seamlessly into the comfort of their rooms.


Step into the future of smart Tvs, in-room tablets, and movie-streaming, to secure a relaxing and immersive stay.


Reach further with top-end technology, through advanced streaming services, room automation and personalised content.


Hotels with advanced in-room technology foster a competitive edge in the market, and guests often seek accommodation that offers modern amenities and a seamless technological experience.

Implement a Training and Support Programme 

To operate a successful hotel tech strategy, you need to ensure your staff have adequate training and support.


It’s important to execute training programmes to educate your teams, ensuring they’re proficient on the technology specifics used on a day-to-day basis in your hotel.


Having a reliable and confident team onboard can boost guest satisfaction; your team can prevent guests feeling overwhelmed by the technology, and confidently answer any questions they may have.


Lastly, schedule time aside to educate your employees, and consider applying adequate support mechanisms, so that they can address technical issues promptly and effectively to improve guest experience.

Improve Hotel Tech Strategy | Wi-Fi Connectivity 

Whether it’s leisure or business, most hotel guests are searching for hotels that accommodate high-speed and reliable internet connection. 


By installing a robust Wi-Fi infrastructure for guests, you’re offering high-speed internet access, which lowers the risk of frustration and limits diminishing guest satisfaction.


Wi-Fi connectivity is not only important for games and TV connection, it’s also vital for your guests’ check-in experience and communications throughout their stay. 


Consider implementing a contactless check-in/check-out, alongside mobile payments and digital menus, to enhance your guest experience.


Your hotel tech strategy should address the growing need for streamlined, efficient, and fast connections, to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to digitising hotel experiences.

Encourage a Property Management System 

A property management system is a valuable tool for hotels offering a range of services that contribute to an operational proficiency.


It’s essential to implement a property management system in order to manage your hotel facilities adequately, as well as monitoring your hotel’s activity.


It works as the best management tool for your hotel, enabling bookings, amendments, and cancellations, while providing a platform to monitor availability and occupancy levels.

Enhance Your Hotel Tech Strategy | Mobile Technology 

Mobile technology is continuously expanding and adapting, offering operational efficiency and overall competitiveness in the hotel industry.


In a digital world, it’s important for hotels to maintain a strong level of advanced technology to enhance guest experience.


Consider administering a mobile app to provide guests with information regarding services such as hotel amenities, local attractions, and dining options, as well as the latest news and updates.


By implementing mobile technology into your tech strategy, you’re providing guest accessibility to information and communication with hotel staff, all at the ease of one app location.


Explore our recent work and discover how other hoteliers are seeking advice and support from our team here at Umi to upgrade their website and enhance overall customer experience across their platforms.


For more information on how Umi can improve your hotel tech strategy, please contact a member of our team.

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