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Discover How Incorporating Local Affiliate Networks Can Elevate Your Business

02 May 2024


How can local affiliate networks help your business?

In our latest blog, we’re exploring how local affiliate networks and marketing can increase your direct bookings, improve the overall guest experience, and optimise your brand’s viability and revenue growth.

Amidst a competitive hospitality industry, read on to find out how you can elevate your business:

What is Local Affiliate Marketing?

Local affiliate marketing is a strategy that involves leveraging the networks of local businesses to promote and sell your services or products.

It’s a similar concept to traditional affiliate marketing, but focuses on building partnerships with businesses in your local area. 

In the hotel industry, local affiliate marketing usually involves collaborating with nearby attractions, restaurants, and other businesses to enhance guests’ overall experience. For example, if a person books a stay with you, they could get access to discounted tickets to a nearby attraction, as part of your joint efforts to harness a larger proportion of the tourist trade.

By forming partnerships with these local businesses, your hotel can offer guests a more comprehensive package of services and attractions, increasing its appeal and attracting more customers.

Local affiliate marketing allows businesses to expand their offerings and reach a broader audience, by tapping into the networks and resources of other businesses in their local community.

How Do You Create Local Affiliate Networks?

Creating a local affiliate network involves several steps, beginning with understanding your ideal guest persona and their interests. 

Getting to know why guests visit your local area, what activities they enjoy, and what they want to experience, can help you identify potential affiliate partners that align with these interests. 

So, how do you get started?

To begin with, it’s important to identify your ideal demographic and understand their preferences, interests, and reasons for visiting your local area.

Determining any attractions, experiences, activities, restaurants, and other businesses in your local area can help you understand the demographic that might be attracted to your hotel. For example, if you’re next to a theme park, you may attract younger crowds and families. 

We recommend assessing each potential affiliate partner before you agree to any deals. It needs to be mutually beneficial, so be sure to look at their reach, audience size, and active outreach efforts. Consider whether partnering with them could help you reach a broader audience, and boost revenue for your business.

Once you’ve got a list of businesses in mind, reach out to them and propose partnership opportunities. Highlight the mutual benefits of collaborating, such as expanding offerings for guests and reaching new audiences. Remember, it needs to be as attractive for them as it is for you.

Work with your affiliate partners to create enticing joint offers or packages that appeal to your shared target audience. These offers could include discounts, bundled services, or exclusive experiences.

Communicating with Guests | Local Affiliate Networks

The primary goal of partnering with other local companies is to enhance the overall offering to potential guests, providing them with an attractive package that saves them money, while securing bookings for your business.

Whether you’re reaching out to a new demographic, or enticing previous guests to re-book, having a strong local affiliate network can help to boost your revenue.

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