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Discover How Performance Max Campaigns Can Significantly Boost Your Sales

09 May 2024


Are you looking for ways to boost sales?

In our latest blog, we’re defining what a performance max campaign is, underscoring its powerful features and understanding the benefits of implementing one for increased sales.

To find out more, keep reading for the latest tips and tricks:

What is a Performance Max Campaign?

A performance campaign is a type of campaign that allows advertisers to access all of their Google Ads inventory from a single campaign. 

It’s a new AI-based style of campaign which Google has offered. 

The difference between a performance max campaign and a regular campaign is with performance max campaigns, advertisers can bid across multiple networks and channels to find the best ad to show to the user at the best time in the best channel.

The Benefits of a Performance Max Campaign

There are many perks to this kind of campaign:

Remarketing | The Main Benefits For Our Clients

Let’s talk about the benefits for our clients and how many there are. 

Starting, when a PC campaign is set up, this is where keywords index and some clicks trickle in, which results in a purchase or a confession.

Through search, query reporting, and auditing, we can see which keywords are performing well. You can filter out what isn’t working well, but the performance marks campaign learns by itself, and it knows precisely which ad to show to the right person. 

It also learns over time which landing page is the most useful for that person. So, landing pages can vary and you are an expansion can vary based on who the app is being shown to. 

Secondly, all campaigns across every one of our clients that they’re running better returns allow them than a normal generic discovery campaign because we can now target based on ten rather than hoping that someone will see something around a generic high-value keyword, such as the best hotel or best restaurant in London.

Remarketing has been phased out across the display network. Previously, remarketing relied on a display network where you made a specific campaign with people who’d interacted with your site or booking funnel at some point. 

So, rather than having a specific remarketing campaign, you can use the same campaign to reach new and old audiences at the same time, which is very cost-efficient.

Impressions | Performance Max Campaigns

You’ll likely see a massive spike in impressions as the performance marks campaign begins. 

That’s because more eyeballs from your audience signal targeting will see your effort across many channels and sites.

The second one is that you’re likely to see hopefully revenue spikes and you’re also likely to see a return on ad spend spikes as the campaign becomes more efficient.

Thirdly, new audiences being targeted are not necessarily the ones you’re inputting into the campaign and from what most campaigns are coming from.

So, previously especially hotels would bid on each other’s brand names to undermine them and outflank them on the Google results page.

If you’d like to find out more about performance max campaigns and how you can implement them into your hotel website, please contact a member of our team today.

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