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Revenue While Closed

Accept Pre-Payments Online

Use Umi’s experience pre-payment tool to drive revenue while the hotel is closed.

Generating Hotel Revenue While Closed

Revenue has become almost impossible to come by as rooms, events and F&B are now closed for across hotels. This is an unprecedented challenge, and Umi has been working hard over the last two weeks to try to create solutions that can help in a small way.

1 – Website Overlay

The overlay can be triggered automatically or based on a click. The content is fully flexible and can accommodate a closed message as well as two packages.

  • Custom Styling
  • Editable Content
  • Flexible Products

2 – Flexible Packages

The pre-purchase options can either be set up to work through stripe or integrated with a third party voucher system if you have that already. These can be fully flexible, and you can set SKU, Price, Image and Title.

  • Flexible Pricing
  • Editable Quantities
  • Integrated with other channels

3 – Stripe Integration

Stripe is a leading payment gateway and very developer-friendly. We have chosen stripe due to its ease of use both for customers and business. If you do not have a stripe account yet, it is possible to set up in as little as 10 minutes.

  • Apple and Google Pay
  • Secure Checkout
  • Easy to Set Up

4 – API-first Fulfilment

Once the purchase is made, the customer will receive a receipt by email of the transaction. The purchase will also be logged in Stripe. Using Webhooks, we can feed this data into any onward system using Zapier, a leading connectivity service. This could be

  • Google Sheets
  • Mailchimp / Revinate
  • Accounting Tools etc.

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