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Convert Remotely using VR

Adapt your Showround Strategy

Using Virtual Tours and Bespoke VR Headsets

Created to deliver a truly immersive digital showround by combining Open Source Google technology, virtual tours and beautifully branded hardware.

The Brochure 2.0

Think of it as The Brochure 2.0. For high ticket items, a static image is rarely enough for conversion and multiple showrounds are inevitable. Umi View combines best-in-class technologies to deliver a stunning virtual showround with a fully branded headset.

1 – Virtual Tours

Many virtual tours will already be suitable, however, for those hotels and venues without tours, we shoot a beautiful virtual tour that is compatible with VR headset standards.

  • Compatible with existing tours
  • Compatible with Google Cardboard
  • Includes full HD media pack

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2 – Bespoke Headsets

Our expert design team will assemble a stunning design for your headset complete with on-item instructions, links and QR codes. The headset can also feature extras such as elastic straps and come in other models.

  • Custom branding on headsets
  • Different models available
  • Memorable takeaway for prospects

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3 – Hosted Page

Once the hardware and software are in place, the marketing team will construct the lead flow, from acquisition through to scannable QR codes that will take the user to specific parts of a virtual tour within the website.

  • Host the tour on your own website
  • Use headsets as a lead magnet

4 – Optimisation

By using link tracking and on-page analytics, we will be able to optimise the virtual reality experience over time.

  • Data-driven insights over time
  • Continuous improvement

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