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Bromley Court Hotel

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Bromley Court Hotel has a rich 200-year history, from being built as a country estate to housing Candian Soldiers during WW1 to becoming a hotel in 1904. Recently refurbished, the 117 room hotel has stunning views overlooking London and the Kent countryside. Perfect for a staycation, private events or a meeting/conference.

Working with Umi Digital

In August 2019 Umi Digital began managing and supporting Bromley Court’s digital marketing strategy and website. The hotel marketing team worked closely with the hotel marketing and revenue management team to optimise and improve their website, SEO strategy and digital marketing presence. The goal was to increase traffic to their website while simultaneously increasing the conversion rate.


After just over a month working together, we are already seeing fantastic improvements and ROI. With the continuation of support from the Umi Digital team, we are excited to see how this success continues.

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