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Project Overview

We have been working on two accounts for Fuller’s. The main Fuller’s pub website, and one of their sub-brands, Bel & The Dragon.


We have set up event-specific social media ads to grow awareness of what is going on in the pubs and to get users to choose Fuller’s pubs based on their current offerings. We created some video and image-based ads using lifestyle-based imagery and gif style drink videos.

These were targeted to people who had visited highly engaging pages on the Fuller’s websites and had interests that would align them with current events going on.

These ads have created a large amount of engagement and driven strong numbers of landing page traffic.

Bel & The Dragon

We have set up a generic Google Ads campaign for four different Bel & The Dragon properties, around London and the Southeast.

The goal here was to drive room bookings rather than attract new users or pub visitors, and therefore the KPI used were bookings and ROAS, rather than engagement.

Each of these ads drove a good number of conversions and had a ROAS above 2.5:1, some of them up to 10:1 showing an effective targeting and good ad content.

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