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Communicating a disruptive concept through hospitality tech expertise and attention to detail

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Communicating a disruptive concept through hospitality tech expertise and attention to detail

“We made a decision to partner with Umi in the development of our website.  As a new brand concept and a new property, it was important that we work with a company that would care about our brand as much as we do.

This decision has turned out to be one of the better decisions as they have proved their worth over and again – from initial creation of the website to our sometimes short lead times for changes and modifications to design Umi have been there with us all the way, And now that we are live, they continue to assist us with our (frequent) changes and development along with our SEO and PPC, in addition to running our social media campaigns and targeted marketing.  A great team, from head to toe, led by a great leader. Thanks Umi – for making our lives much easier.”

The Other House – Darren Evans, Director of Business Development

How Umi and The Other House worked together

The Umi team worked closely with The Other House’s team to research, plan, design and develop a fully bespoke hotel website, aimed at helping to increase the number of direct bookings and also acting as a foundation for future marketing exercises. Built into the website, we have an armoury of cutting-edge digital marketing tools. Umi further provided the hospitality tech expertise to create an effective sales funnel for the diverse range of target personas.

The primary challenge was for the digital messaging to clearly and effectively communicate a hospitality concept that is original and disruptive. The website and digital marketing efforts ​​need a great deal of thought, given the limited comparisons and benchmarks in customer understanding. The enormous attention to detail of the brand creates interesting and challenging parameters on which to be conversion-focussed for both the website and app.

The new website launched successfully and has been very well-received. The organic reach is growing, the digital ads are bringing relevant, cost-effective traffic to the website and the on-site optimisation process is beginning to show some exciting results for the direct channel.

Why we loved working with The Other House

“It is rare for us to be able to apply our hospitality marketing expertise to a truly novel concept. There were no blueprints to follow, but our refined development process allowed us to systematically interpret goals, build out user experiences and create an efficient funnel for a new category of guest. Our Growth-Driven Design process has subsequently taken the website on a journey of optimisation, hypothesising, testing and deploying tests across the different revenue streams. The team at The Other House are a delight to work with. Our mutual excitement towards the potential of digital in their business model has also kickstarted an exciting innovation cycle that will undoubtedly result in some amazing new features.”

Umi – Harry Fielder, Managing Director

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