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3 Tips for Successful Hotel Website Design

08 August 2013


Producing a successful website for your hotel is a trying task and many skills are required. A website designer must understand what an attractive website looks like, have well balanced content and be able to delve into the psyche of any potential viewer. Following these three simple tips will aid your website in being a success, however, ultimately the content is the factor that will make and break your website.


1. Less is More

Have you ever been on one of those websites where there is so much going on that you hardly know where to look? And what’s your immediate response? To navigate away from the page as fast as possible and escape the horrifying clutter that has invaded your screen. Your customers are the same. Minimalism is the future and simplicity is an internet surfer’s desire. So don’t go filling every inch of the screen with ads and pictures because you’re only going to succeed in giving your viewers a headache.

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2. Keep it Consistent

A website is an art form; it is a reflection of yourself or your business to potentially the entire world. Therefore it is fundamental that the website have an air of professionalism about it. The separation between superior and inferior websites comes due to consistency. No website designer with any self-worth would produce a website where every page looks entirely different to the next.

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3. Travel without Trial

Traffic jams on the roads, delays in the airports and red signals whilst on the train cause us a great degree of stress. Whilst travelling around may be an emotionally taxing chore, navigating through a website should not be. If you want viewers to read content on your webpage, make it easily accessible.

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