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5 Hospitality Trends For 2015

16 July 2015


As 2015 rolls past its halfway point some definitive market trends have started to develop in the hospitality industry. These trends have been primarily shaped by the millennial generation who’ve started to put an emphasis on investing in technology, getting in shape, searching for good customer service, and responding to content marketing. These overall trends have been developing and changing the way we’ve done and will continue to do marketing in 2015. In this post we’ll take a look at 5 hospitality trends for 2015 so you can be as effective as possible this year.



The Millennial Generation79A4E09475

At the forefront of all these trends is the millennial generation. The millennials are in the height of their travel with ages ranging from their early twenties to their late thirties, which explains why they’ve had such a prominent influence in the travel and hospitality industry.

Millennials are often categorized as tech savvy, social, and healthy individuals who prefer to invest in experiences over objects. This is great news for the travel and hospitality industry however, many organizations will have to modernize their services by integrating online and mobile if they want to attract these customers.



Web DesignTechnology

Technology has been on its way in since before the millennial generation however, the millennials have only served to act as a catalyst for the research and use of technology in our daily lives. It’s now necessary for more implementation of social media, apps, and online information to reach our greater audiences in today’s market.

The implications of this trend means that the use of online bookings, check-ins, reservations, and listings isn’t enough anymore; hospitality and travel organizations need to start looking to move mobile. As the millennial generation continues to travel around the world the use of mobile phones for travel plans, reservations, and booking has only increased and the trend won’t be stopping anytime soon.



Getting in ShapeRunning

Along with being on the go and living in a mobile world the millennials have also put a lot of value into being healthy. This extends far beyond the simply ‘getting in shape’ to a lifestyle choice of exercise, eating healthier, and avoiding unhealthy situations.

This is important for hoteliers and restaurateurs to keep in mind when they plan their menus, renovate their buildings, and deploy their marketing strategy. Things like healthy food choices and active things for people to do have started to hold a much higher value.



T608LB06SWGood Customer Service

Good customer service has been something that people have sought after forever but now there’s a new emphasis on it. With the global ideas of inclusivity of all people and overall friendliness, people are looking for the hospitality industry to reflect that more than ever.

This transfers over into a new level of customer service where hotels and restaurants go above and beyond to make sure that the food or room isn’t the only thing that’s memorable. Leaving customers with a good feeling will bring them back again and again, now more than ever.



Content MarketingMarketing

With the rising influence of social media, content marketing has begun to play a huge role in our marketing plans today. People no longer want to see advertisements, they want to be engaged by things they’re seeing and reading.

Content marketing focuses on making new things that engage your audience rather than simply saying, “here are my goods and services.” This trend of marketing has been rapidly gaining momentum and is now one of the norms for a successful businesses.


With the millennial generation moving in for an extended stay it’s important to recognize the hospitality trends that interest and drive them to go places and see things. By giving them easily accessible mobile technology to find and set up their time or using good content marketing to get them interested you’re sure to find new customers. Once they’re there, giving them memorable customer service, some healthy options, and modernized service they’re bound to bring their friends with them the next time.

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