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8 Expert Tips to Hospitality Blog Writing

23 May 2016


Writing blogs can be a daunting task, believe me, I know. If you are struggling to find interesting blog post ideas and want your blog to succeed as well, do keep on reading. Having written over 600 blogs for various hotel and hospitality clients I have learned a thing or two on successful blog writing. Today I will be sharing some tips with you!

Advice before you start

First of all, create a voice for your website and ask yourself how do you want to approach your audience? Are you strictly and formal? Friendly? Wacky? Once you have figured out what impression you want to give off, answer the following questions:

Generating traffic to your website is all about writing good content on your blog, but the question still remains, what is good content?



Here are some great ideas for creating good content to post onto your website.

1. Hyper local content

Where is your business located? Your best approach is to stick to local news and events, indirectly showcasing your hotel as a great solution if they wish to attend. We call this hyper local content. From a search engine perspective, it is much harder to compete with businesses across a wide area like London as opposed your local area. An example might be: describe your proximity to something – local attractions, local events, easy public transport access, a trendy bar, fitness club, jogging trail, new restaurant openings, halfway between here and there.

2. Let your staff speak

Let the visitors of your website see who works for you and learn about them. Show off your amazing staff with pictures and quotes about why they love working at your business and give them the freedom to write articles/blogs about their favourite local pubs or restaurants or other places to hang out (you can do this every other month, monthly or even weekly). Keep the content close to home though, such as local markets, fairs, events etc (see number 1 – hyper local content).

3. Developments

Write about developments in your establishment, this can be refurbishments or new interesting technology you are implementing into your business. Maybe even a brand new cocktail menu in the bar? Don’t forget lots of photos!

4. Updates

Post regular updates of what is happening at your business on your website, such as introducing a new menu or bragging about specialty cocktails you are serving at the bar, or special offers you are having at that moment (e.g. a complimentary bottle of champagne when you book the honeymoon suite). Also, you can integrate seasonal promotions within content in the appropriate places, for example, include a dinner special in a blog about your dining facilities. Again, don’t forget to use food photos!

5. Life events

Highlight guest events on your website including gatherings, celebrations, reunions and birthdays. If they will allow you, try and use some of their photos as well. User generated content is a fantastic source for your blog.

6. Create your own content

Are there any special things you do for your guests? For example, if you have a dog-friendly hotel, talk about this in your blog and add pictures of guests with their dogs.

7. Seasonal blogs

Post seasonal related content and let your guests know what’ is happening in the local area, as well as at your business. How about hosting an easter egg hunt for the children or write about exciting festivals during the festival season.

8. Feature guest reviews

You can also feature guest reviews on your website, this can either be text or video. If you have weddings in your hotel, why not get a weddings dress company to write about what makes the perfect outfit? Still highly relevant and when brides-to-be are doing their internet searches, you’ll pop right up there in the list!


PS: Do not forget to share your blogs on your social feeds and in your newsletter to get more traffic to your website!

In my next blog I will tell you more about HOW to write a structurally good blog post, so stay tuned.

Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

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