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Social Media

Advertising on Facebook and Twitter

04 July 2014


In our previous article, we talked in some detail about the system of Google AdWords, and how you as a company can use it to your advantage. Today, we are going to complete the social media trifecta by taking a look at how to advertise on Facebook and Twitter.

Now that these two different systems have been explained, you might be wondering what benefits they have over Google AdWords. Starting with Facebook, the benefits are not hard to see. The website has around 1.28 billion users, the highest of any social network, and 1.23 of these are active on the site every month. Twitter has ‘about a billion’ registered users, and 87% of the company’s revenue in 2013 came from advertising. Clearly then, both Facebook and Twitter are very popular advertising platforms. In my opinion, there are several main reasons for this:

Twitter also has its unique benefits, although it shares many with Facebook Ads. Twitter is mainly used by companies both as an advertising tool and as a way to quickly respond to the individual problems of its customers.
In conclusion, despite the fact that Google AdWords currently dominates the online targeted advertising market, you can still gain good results through the use of Facebook and Twitter advertising.

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