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Email Marketing For Hotels

An Introduction to Email Marketing

30 June 2020


This month’s blogs are all surrounding the topic of email marketing. Such as remarketing emails, how you can use emails throughout your customer journey and how you can increase brand advocacy through this medium. 

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is quite simply marketing through the use of email. Email marketing can have a variety of campaigns, whether it be a newsletter to update past customers and increase customer relationships. Or to advertise a promotional offer, or even to let customers know about their upcoming stay or gain feedback about a stay they recently had with you. 

By splitting your mailing list into relevant segments you can ensure that you are sending the right personas the most relevant emails. For example you may have an event persona, food & beverage persona, a business traveler and a leisure guest persona. Each of these will require different information and therefore while some emails you will send to everyone on your database there will be some emails that you only want to send to the relevant groups. 

One thing to be aware of with email marketing is GDPR. It is vital that those on your database have agreed to be there and that you give them the option to opt out of any further email marketing from you.

Why bother?

Email marketing is highly efficient for increasing brand loyalty and increasing bookings. We all know that it is far easier to get repeat customers than it is to gain new ones, this is again where email marketing comes in handy. Indeed, 80% of businesses say that email marketing has increased customer retention (Emarsys, 2018). It has also been found that email marketing provides the channel with the highest ROI. 

You already have the emails of past customers on your database so can follow up with updates and promotions to increase the chances of a repeat booking for far less cost than a brand new customer. With 99% of consumers checking their emails on a daily basis email marketing is a key area that must be part of your marketing strategy.

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