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Insights by: Cee Clarke-Nesbitt


Cee Clarke-Nesbitt

Cee is our Digital Marketing Executive at Umi. She is responsible for supporting both clients' and Umi's own marketing, working closely with Sophia and Tina. She is currently learning everything there is to know about account management, while also managing Umi’s Instagram account and updating the Umi site. Cee has always wanted a career that was quite creative and fun. In 2018, she completed her Level 3 diploma in digital marketing and eventually found her way to Umi. In her spare time, Cee loves doing yoga, relaxing with a cup of tea, and spending time with her cats Peanut & Bonnie. Random fact: Cee likes beaches but can't swim. Need a beach recommendation? Just ask -

From Check-Out to Check-In: Our Guide to Using Remarketing and Email Marketing to Rebook Hotel Guests

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The World of Reviews and Advocacy for A Hotel Website

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