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Insights by: Luke Bishop

Luke Bishop

Luke joined us as an apprentice nearly two years ago and has since gone from strength to strength, including winning the highly coveted "Apprentice of the year" award. Working as a Marketing Executive he has been able to not only grow traffic to the Umi site, but also create and manage a number of highly successful campaigns that you can read about in our case studies! Outside of his marketing interests Luke is a keen golfer, West Ham fan and has recently been learning to Ski.

Building Strong & High Authoritative Backlinks

What are Backlinks? Before getting started with creating new and high authoritative backlinks, it is important to fully understand what backlinks are and the important purpose they serve. To get a full and in-depth look into what backlinks are all about, feel free to view our blog taking you through everything you need to know […]

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The Power of Backlinks for Your Hotel Website

What are Backlinks? Backlinks? What are these mysterious links and what possible use could they have for your hotel website? Well, the short answer is a lot! If you aren’t already, backlinks are certainly worth investing some of your time and can help you to drum up a large number of organic new users through […]

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How to gain more Instagram Followers for my Business?

Introduction We have all been there, anxiously examining your stagnant Instagram follower count trying to figure out where you are all going wrong! Well, fear not as many finds themselves in this predicament, constantly gaining an extra few followers, just to find them gone 3 days later. The fact of the matter is that Instagram growth is not as […]

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Why Does My Hotel SEO Suck?

Are you struggling with your new or existing website? Do you find yourself at the bottom of the listings when you search your company name on Google? Don’t panic! This is a common issue that many people face when it comes to marketing their website to the public. The position of your website on search […]

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The World’s Wackiest Hotels

Did you know that in today’s modern era, there are roughly over 187,000 different hotels operating around the world, with a total of 17.5 million different hotels rooms for guests to choose from, all offering there own and unique setup for guests to enjoy. I myself have been fortunate enough to visit a wide variety of […]

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A Decade of Airbnb | How Airbnb Changed Hospitality

Airbnb has now been serving the public for the last ten years and has single-handedly changed the way many of us travel around the world. As the title implies, Airbnb first came into our lives in the summer of 2008, with the bizarre and completely revolutionary idea of utilising your own personal space as a room-rental business. […]

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What Are Keywords and How Do They Affect My SEO Rankings? | Umi Digital

Throughout the past decade, the words “Keywords” and “SEO” have slowly risen in popularity in the digital world and for any online business looking to be successful at attracting traffic through to their site.   What are Keywords?   In the most basic and most explanatory form, keywords are simply a guide for search engines […]

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Increase Facebook Engagement

Facebook engagement refers to the success of your Facebook post based on the interaction between your post and social media users, usually through a “call to action” link encouraging users to click through to a predetermined location. The more people who engage with the post, the higher the chances of conversions being made. This engagement rate is especially […]

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My Year as an Apprentice at Umi! Why chose an apprenticeship?

It has been nearly a year since I first walked through the doors here at Umi Digital as the new sales & marketing apprentice. Dressed to impress I rocked up to office suited and booted with a full three-piece suit more appropriate for a day in court rather than the overdose of Liverpool memorabilia and crazy […]

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