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Insights by: Tina Hutber


Tina Hutber

Tina is our Senior Marketing Strategist at Umi. She is responsible for communicating the Umi brand and guiding any strategic marketing decisions. As Umi's Wellbeing Officer and certified Mental Health First Aider, Tina is passionate about the team's mental and physical wellbeing. She loves words and is currently completing her Copywriting diploma. Tina holds two marketing degrees - BA Marketing & Sales and MSc Marketing Communications - which she both graduated from with distinction. In her free time, Tina enjoys writing, embroidery and spending time with her kid. Random fact: Tina is originally from Vienna, which makes her a Wiener. Don't get the joke? Just ask -

What Asksuite think about Umi

Paula Carreirão from Asksuite kindly reviewed us on the hospitality review platform Hotel Tech Report. Here’s what she thinks about us and our work in the hospitality industry.

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Steve’s Industry Insights – September 2022

Once a month, Steve Lowy – Founder and Chairman of Umi – kindly shares his thoughts about the current state […]

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Our internship at Umi – hilarious and fulfilling

Tyler and Quinn are two American college students who interned at Umi Digital for the summer. They both attend the […]

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The Cookieless Web for Hotels – 2022

Our recent marketing intern Quinn took a closer look at the current cookie situation and created this sequel to our […]

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Everything you need to know about Growth-Driven Design (GDD)

Put simply, Growth-Driven Design is better marketing for hospitality. It is based on the idea of “done is better than […]

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The Cookieless Web for Hotels – A guide to privacy-first websites

What is a cookie? The mother of all cookies, Google, is probably in the best position to provide a concise […]

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Umi Digital appointed as the Good Hotel Guide’s marketing agency

Umi Digital was recently appointed as the Good Hotel Guide’s digital marketing agency to increase web traffic, grow their mailing […]

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How A/B testing can help you prioritise functionality over looks

If you have ever talked to anyone at Umi, you’ll know that we firmly believe that websites are living, breathing things. They deserve regular TLC in the form of audits, updates and refinement. But the key is to not just continuously improve your website – you need to continuously and strategically improve it. Find out how A/B testing can help!

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Analytics and remarketing – a beautiful synergy

There’s a time and a place for traditional display and search advertising, but in many cases remarketing might be a more suitable approach. Let’s take a look at how analytics and remarketing – and their synergy potential – can help you create better digital advertising campaigns for your hotel or travel business.

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