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What Asksuite think about Umi

14 November 2022


Paula Carreirão from Asksuite kindly reviewed us on the hospitality review platform Hotel Tech Report. Here’s what she thinks about us and our work in the hospitality industry:

What do Umi do well?

Umi is a digital-first hospitality marketing agency that provides tailored services around the demands of hospitality owners and managers. They are true digital partners with their clients, cherry-picking the very best technology for each of them.

Everything they design and build is tested against real-world guests, which gives them a decisive edge in the market.

What differentiates Umi from the competition?

Their deep knowledge of the hospitality industry combined with their excellence in marketing makes Umi a top hospitality agency. It’s inspiring to see how invested they are in helping their clients.

One of their strongest values is being committed to putting into practice their love of learning and acting as the connectors of the industry. Umi is very innovative and always tests what is best for their customers.

Based on your experience with Umi, if you could give one piece of advice to a hotelier considering Umi, what would it be?

Since Umi is a very innovative company, and they are so committed to customers’ success, talk to their team if you are looking to optimize your digital performance.

They will surely have your best interest in mind as they explore your ideas and find a solution that fits your hospitality business needs.

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