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A Blog About Blogs: The Benefits of Personalising Your Business

16 July 2014


If you are reading this then I have already completed the first and most important purpose a blog serves: to engage with customers and clientele. This is especially so in the hospitality industry, where customer service is always prevalent – people want to know that you care about them. Being able to express the personality of your company in more than 140 characters gives it an advantage over competitors who do not have a blog on their website.


In the hospitality industry, keeping the customer satisfied dictates whether your business will be successful or not. Customers want to know what kind of company they are spending their precious money on. Blogging is a powerful form of expression that will show the personality behind your business platform. It also allows customers to express their feedback and insight with your company more than a tweet would allow. If you can build a personal relationship or build common ground with a customer, they will be loyal to your brand.


Blogging increases online presence tremendously. If you are skillful in the keywords you use while writing your blog, it can be a great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool. SEO involves using certain keywords to connect you, the business, with your clientele, and making sure your blogs ticks all the right SEO boxes will help you to make those connections. For example, if your business is a bed and breakfast that allows dogs, if you work those keywords – bed and breakfast/B&B and dogs – into the title and body of the blog, it could show up on a search engine to a client looking for exactly that.


If you want people to give your business a chance, there is no better way to build a community and showcase your expertise than a blog. It is an opportunity to write a blog about the importance of customer service or sharing a recipe for that famous bread pudding that will cause a line outside your restaurant. Blogging will introduce your business to a whole new network of people. Bonus – if your blog is really great, readers will share it, and then viola! You have an excellent inbound marketing strategy.

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