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Building Strong & High Authoritative Backlinks

24 April 2019


What are Backlinks?

Before getting started with creating new and high authoritative backlinks, it is important to fully understand what backlinks are and the important purpose they serve. To get a full and in-depth look into what backlinks are all about, feel free to view our blog taking you through everything you need to know about backlinks.

It is important to remember that the process should not be a short-term goal of your business. The process of building up new and fresh backlinks can take months, if not years in order to build up strong relationships.

How to build new, strong and high authoritative backlinks?

There are more than a few ways to build new and fresh backlinks through to your hotel website. The first method we would suggest and arguably one of the easiest is called the “broken link method”. At risk of sounding much more complicated than it is, the broken link method involves contacting the owner of a website and effectively snitching about broken links on his/her website. This obviously benefits both parties, as you can put forward your website in place of the broken link as long as the content is on the same lines and the webmaster updates a faulty link that users were previously being shown.

The Bold Approach

In most cases, direct is generally the best approach right? A great way to get new backlinks is too simply ask by getting in touch with all of the websites you wish to be associated with. However, as you may imagine the conversion rate of this approach is on the low side, with the majority of requests getting placed in the junk or simply being ignored.

Try and get links from companies with whom you already have relationships with!

Do you work with any suppliers? One of the simplest and quickest ways to build up strong and reliable backlinks is through the use of organisations you work with. Take a look through their website and see if they have a “partners” section, where you could potentially feature? This doesn’t just apply for your suppliers, it could be the same case with any businesses affiliated with yours, from lawyers to desk suppliers.┬áIn some cases, you may find that you have mentioned on your partner’s website but are crucially mixing that important link back through to your website.

Overall this method is one of the fastest and easiest ways to build quality backlinks back to your website and help to increase your overall domain authority. This is down to the fact that these people are already fans of your business and have been working with you for some time, meaning they are much more likely to accept to linking to your website to someone who has never seen your work before.

Become a Backlink poacher!

A great way to get fresh backlinks through to your website is to find relevant pieces of content that already have linked external websites for extra information. Just because they are linking to another site, this doesn’t mean they cannot be changed and re-linked to your website. Become a backlink thief and simply create a piece of content that’s better and more detailed than they currently have and ask those linking to the now inferior content to link to your piece instead.

Getting listed on relevant x in y lists!

This is by far the most in-depth and most time-consuming way to build up backlinks, with the highest accreditation. This method mostly involves hotels, as the industry is known for listing and comparing hotels based on their attributes.






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