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Cassie & The Independent Hotel Show

08 November 2019


Originally from China, I studied in China, United States, Singapore and now London. In London, I work as an intern at Umi Digital for two and a half days a week, take two modules (‘courses’ in the US) at the University of Westminster and spend the rest of my time exploring the UK. Here are some insights about my London experience, my time with Umi Digital, and other random stuff.


As a well-known quote saying “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”. London is ‘one of the most powerful, most desirable, most influential, most innovative, most investment friendly, most (thousands other words to describe) city in the world’. And luckily, I am here being a fake Londoner for 3 months. During my stay here, I’ve found out many fun facts about London, and I want to share several of them:

  1. Always bring an umbrella! (I didn’t bring one today and I’m praying for no rain today right now) London’s weather is very changeable and unpredictable. It might rain next minute after super sunny weather. Good thing is that rain does not normally last long.
  2. Remember to let passengers get off first, on in tube, in lifts, on the bus… everywhere! This is one of my favourite things I found here. Even in peak hours on the central line, people always wait for passengers to get off first, no one rushes. I seldom find this polite phenomenon in large cities. 
  3. Say “toilet” and “ladies’/gentlemen’s room” instead of “restroom” or “bathroom”. Say “Cheers” for “Thank you” “Goodbye”. Say “tube” instead of “Underground”. 
  4. People love drinking tea, especially people in Umi Digital. (An anonymous member of Umi Digital’s highest record is 15 cups of tea per day).
  5. Bring some coins with you. There are so many street performers who are so good that you can’t pass by without leaving coins for them. I literally put several coins in all my coats. 


Umi Digital is one of the best teams I’ve worked with: everyone in the team is nice, caring, and helpful. They do not only care about what interns can bring, but also care about what interns can gain from them. You can ask them anything from foods in London to professional insights on marketing strategies, and they are always there to help. They taught me step by step about Google Analytics and Google ads, and let me do analysis with them. Companies can hardly operate without digital marketing, so this is a useful ability to learn. In the meantime, I am doing a research which relates to videos and user engagement because they knew about my interest in video creation and its use within marketing. They also gave me a hands-on chance to build a real websites (yes I feel I am really building a website for our clients) and video production. 


A few weeks ago, Umi Digital attended Independent Hotel Show. I joined with our team and created a video out of it. The team exhibited in the hotel show, and Harry, our Managing Director, was the host of a seminar. I decided to catch some moments during the exhibitions and record Harry’s speech. I turned the clips into montages, combining with Harry’s speech. In this way, I believe viewers can see what was happening during the hotel show and learn a bit about Umi Digital team members. By posting the video on social media and tracking the performance, I hope that it can add more insights into my research. 


Now I’ve only got one and a half months left in London for this semester. My feeling towards London has turned from finding everything new to feeling that I’m getting back home when I went back to London after travelling. It has been such a rewarding experience and now every moment in London is even more precious. I’d say London is definitely a good place to live, and Umi Digital is the cherry on top for my experience in London. 


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