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The Digital Age Is Here!

01 October 2014


This month saw the landmark launch of Victoria Beckham’s new store, inventively and ingeniously named Victoria Beckham. Interestingly, with its minimalist feel, it is one of the first stores on the planet with no tills. This means fewer staff and a completely digital experience as clothes are purchased on iPads.

This raised a fair few eyebrows, but more and more venues around the world are ditching tradition (and humans) for a more digital experience.

Denver Airport has converted all its restaurants to iPad menus. This means that orders are sent direct to the kitchen and could mean that the waiter will become a thing of the past.

On top of this when I was at Yo Sushi recently, I had an iPhone thrust in my face as I tried to order a drink. I believe there was a person attached to the end of it but I certainly wasn’t encouraged to engage them in any conversation.

Progress? Some would argue yes, and don’t get me wrong as a man who lives, breathes and works in and around the technology industry, these new slick, sleek and hassle free solutions are often brilliant! However, I do find myself asking the question are we ready for it? Anyone over a certain age or technological know-how will be thrown and ostracised by this technological revolution. And is there ever going to be a replacement for the expertise and witty repartee of a shop assistant or the personal touch of a well mannered waiter?

What I do know is that the digital age is well and truly here and that there is no time like the present to get on-board the digital train and ride it all the way to the future!

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