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Digital Trends 2013 by umi

10 January 2013


We put our heads together and considered what we think will be Digital Trends for 2013:



“Looking at statistics released last week, it is believed that there will be 24 million new smartphones being used in the UK this year, which means it is essential that your sales & marketing strategies takes into account consumers touching your business via mobile.”


Laurence – ‘Skeuomorph’ design Vs ‘Authentically digital’ design

“A shift from ‘Skeuomorph’ design to ‘Authentically digital’ design. “What the hell does that mean?” I hear you say… Pronounced ‘skew-a-morf’, skeuomorphic design makes your websites or apps look like real things. Popularised by Apple and the App store successful skeuomorphic design has made our task apps look like notebooks and our digital books have turning pages. However, with Microsoft finally joining the great design party with its beautiful Microsoft 8 & Metro designs we are already seeing an emergence of ‘Authentically digital’ design in the marketplace with clean and colourful modular elements. The authentically digital design trend also makes an excellent bed partner with the ever increasingly dominance of Responsive design. Having flexible modular elements makes the transition of responsive design across different devices all that more easier and can allow for better performance when viewed in lower bandwidth areas.

Now that Apple have appointed Jonathan Ive as the new director of Human Interface, I’m sure that this will have an influential effect on the outcome of this trend in 2013.” (For more on Skeumorph, head over here.)


Nimesh – Location-based platforms

“The biggest Social Media trend in 2013 for accommodation providers will be the rise of location-based platforms. Now that Google’s Hotel Finder is up and running, and Facebook Places has been given a reboot, any accommodation provider that is not active on these Social Media outlets will lose out big time in 2013. Both platforms are ready to battle it out for reviews, location mentions and best price searches, thus being invisible on these platforms will mean that you’re literally letting competitors pick up potential guests from your doorstep.”


Marc – Simplicity and modular flexibility

“The rate at which technology is evolving is overwhelming for most business owners, particularly in our sector. I see a growth in services offering simplicity and modular flexibility, with a focus on a la carte software setups rather than expensive all-in-one products. Buy just what you need for now, and add extra features as and when you need them… all at the click of a button and for a flat monthly fee.”

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