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Eat On The Street

08 August 2014


Why in the world are we as a nation stuck in the trend of getting the same bog standard B.L.T with a bag of crisps and a drink, when the bulk of the food is processed and poor quality? Why are we not exploring and following our taste buds to find the next great flavour or the next taste of London?

 Globally 2.5 billion eat on the street, the ability of us to travel anywhere in the world at the tap of a button means that you can get a taste of the world right on your doorstep. However it seems most of us would rather skim through your local supermarket pick up the same sandwich, crisps and get pinned down into the same ol’ routine with a self-checkout machine as our only form of communication.

Well, enter the fresh new look to artisan food, the street stall. Street food is on the rise in the UK according to and is banishing the fears of hygiene with new legislation and health and safety standards and training with NCASS. Meaning sellers are given the means and know how to keep everything up to scratch.

With top quality chef’s plying their trade and innovating to the highest degree how one can resist the allure of thousands of flavours and tastes on show and it’s service with a smile. A testament to the distance street food has gone is my local food festival, the St. Albans and Harpenden food festival, recently adding a new street food category into their competition categories. Have a google you’ll be surprised at what undiscovered food gems there are, never know it may be round the corner from you.  

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