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Hospitality Insights

The Fear Of Missing Out

15 August 2014


Use The Fear… To Your Advantage!

Increasing WIFI access, 4G availability and smart-phone usage means social media usage is higher than ever and becoming a facet of our daily lives especially for digital natives (18-34 year olds who have grown up with technology). This has lead a change in social behavior and development of a social phenomena called the ‘Fear of Missing Out,’ or as we like to call it FOMO.

As it becomes easier for people to share their leisure activities, our exposure to new places, experiences and events through social media is increasingly rapid. A recent advertising campaign by the 3mobile network featured on the news that roaming charges whilst abroad have been reduced and that travellers will now be even more active on social media whilst away.  Hence the popular hashtag trends of; #TravelAwks & #HolidaySpam the ‘Fear of Missing out’,  manifests itself when consumers want to try these new experiences to take pride and place on top of friends social news feed where the phrase “I know what you did last summer”  becomes ever more current.

“Fomo”,  is generally a positive trend for the hospitality industry, as it increases consumers’ desire for new and interesting activities and places to stay. Encouraging customers at every opportunity to check-in, take photos, tweet your hashtag and write positive reviews is a cost-effective way to market your business, increase your exposure and enhance your SEO.

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