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Free Buzzwords

07 July 2015


BuzzwordsThe average person will look at a website for between 10 and 20 seconds before deciding if they’ll explore it or not. These 10 to 20 seconds presents one of the biggest struggles and opportunities of any marketing professional or entrepreneur, catching the visitors attention. It’s crucial you interest the visitor in this short amount of time to ensure you keep them on your site. This is where buzzwords come in.

Buzzwords have been around as long as advertising and are key parts of some of the most common marketing phrases worldwide. The technique of using specific words to grab attention is probably most recognizable in the retail market where you see storefronts and advertisements that say things like sale and free to draw in the attention of customers. These words instantly jump out at you and grab your attention, encouraging you to enter the store.

The idea of using an eye catching word to encourage someone to enter a store is also very powerful when you’re trying to get them to browse your website or read your blog. In the digital world the words may be slightly different however their effect is often the same. Words like top, leader, and best are more universal buzzwords that can be used anywhere however most of the words that you’ll find will be specific to your industry.

Industry specific words are usually terms related to the current trends in the market, the things that are interesting to people. As a web designer, to think of useful buzzwords for headlines it’s helpful to try and think as a consumer. Many people are looking for simplistic designs and responsive sites making them both great buzzwords to get people interested.

If you were working in the retail industry the aforementioned free, sale, and discount, are the tried and true buzzwords that almost always grab attention. Someone working in the hospitality industry could have luck with those same words however more industry specific words might be premium experience, organic, or local foods.

By integrating a few of these catchier words into your headlines and information you can increase the overall appeal of your writing. By making your work more interesting to read you’re bound to grab new users. Buzzwords are a great technique for catching the average 10-second viewer before they’ve got a chance to leave.


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