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Get to know our intern, Kris!

16 June 2016


We are excited to welcome our newest member to the team, Kris Hess, who is here from the USA as a graphic design intern.


Hi Kris! Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re doing in England?

Hello! I’m Kris and I’m from Wisconsin, USA. I’m here to study abroad this summer and intern with Umi Digital. I’m very excited to work with Umi and help create/design new things for Umi.


How are you finding the country?

At first, it is a lot to take in because London is quite chaotic and is full of action, but I think I am starting to get used to London. Before I used to drive everywhere in my car in Wisconsin and now I have to get used to public transportation which isn’t too bad actually. I thought the tube system would be very confusing, but once I explored a little they are very easy to navigate.


Have you experienced any ‘strange’ customs over here?

To me it is very strange that people say ‘Cheers’ as a way to say ‘Thank You’ and also ‘Goodbye.’ There are a few British names for foods that are pretty strange to me such as calling ‘wieners’ ‘bangers’ and ‘mashed potatoes’ ‘mash.’


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time I love to play video games, go for runs, hiking, watching movies, traveling, riding motorcycle, cooking, art, and sleeping.


Where have you travelled so far?

So far I’ve only been here for two weeks so I have not been to too many places yet, but I plan to travel to Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and of course all over London.


What’s your favourite destination?

My favorite destination would be the Apostle Islands located on Lake Superior. During the summer, I always take a holiday with my family up to the islands to go camping and enjoy swimming at the lake. There is a fantastic campground on the islands and the lake water is crystal clear and cold (perfect for summer). On the islands there is a small town that has many little boutique shops and restaurants that are great to visit as well.’


Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I would love to become a creative director and lead a small team of designers. I love design and I want to do it for the rest of my life. I hope that in five years I will still be designing and developing websites.


What are you hoping to learn while working at Umi Digital?

I hope that I can learn more about digital marketing and how a design firm works in London. I want to have more experience in the developing side of building websites. I especially would love to learn more about British culture.


Thanks, Kris!

We look forward to seeing what you bring to Umi Digital and hope you are settling in very well in England.

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