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Google Hangout On Air Tips

18 June 2014


Google Hangout On Air Tips

Google Hangout On Air is a new way to connect with your community and definitely worth the try, as it can showcase your expertise in an effective way. In this blog we will explain what Google Hangouts On Air means and how to set it all up.


What is Google Hangout On Air?

Google Hangout On Air is free and will publicly broadcast your YouTube channel on Google+. In addition, it records your session and hosts it on your YouTube channel, so customers can watch it at any time if they didn’t have a chance to join the live session. All you need to do is to set these accounts up and connect them. Keep in mind that if you have several Google+ accounts for your business, you have to choose wisely which one you are going to use as it is hard to unlink accounts!


How to Set Up Your Hangout On Air

It is not very difficult to set up a Hangout On air. You just need to go to the Google+ account which you have linked with your YouTube channel and click on Hangouts. You are then on the Hangouts page and will see the Hangouts On Air tab, which you have to click. Then on the next page click start Hangout On Air. Don’t worry, you will not immediately start your session! There is a Hangout On Air pop-up box where you can set the basics of your event.


Basics of Your Event

You can give your Hangout a title and description and pick a date and time in the future or click now to immediately start your session. Make sure your title will create a buzz, so that people want to attend your Hangout! Also, choose a few keywords in the title and it may rank higher in the search results. You need to be very specific with your description as people need to know what the session is about and how it can benefit them, or they might not attend. If you go to the field ‘invite public’, you can make sure everyone who has you in their circle sees your invite, but you can also invite individual people or public communities. Once you click share you will end up on the Hangout On Air’s event page. 

This is how you set up a Google Hangout On Air. 

In our next blog we will share more information about how to stand out from the crowd with your event and how to grab the attention of your audience!


Good luck!

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