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Guide to Localised and Translated Facebook Ads for Hotels

06 March 2020


Localised Facebook Ads for hotels are showing some highly promising results and are worth considering in your marketing strategy if you would like to attract more international guests. However, there are five crucial steps you should take to ensure success and drive quality traffic to your hotel website. From analytics to landing pages – see what you need to do to set up the perfect localised Facebook ad for your hotel.

What are the benefits of localised Facebook ads for hotels?

The recruitment platform recently tested Facebook ads in English vs local languages and were surprised with a 60-80% higher click-through-rate for localised ads. Even with industry variation when compared to the hospitality industry, this can have a huge impact on your ROAS (return on advertising spend) and the overall ROI you get for your hotel Facebook ads.

Umi’s Five Key Considerations

Before blindly setting up localised Facebook hotel ads though, here are a few things to consider for a more strategic approach to your hotel advertising:

  1. Understand your audience. Use tools like Google Analytics and your Facebook stats to understand where your guests and website users live and what languages they speak. Ideally, you should focus on 2-3 countries/cities rather than using a scattergun approach. The more personalised and relevant content is, the higher the click-through rate.
  2. Use the correct targeting. Once you have selected your geographic area, make sure the targeting within your Facebook Ad Manager matches up with the rest of your Facebook Ad targeting, such as age and interests. There is no point in targeting everyone in Berlin, if they have otherwise no interest in staying at your hotel. This is also where remarketing can be a very powerful tool to increase relevant traffic. Having detailed buyer personas is really useful here and should be clearly defined before you start.
  3. Research the culture. There are many theories dealing with cultures in marketing, such as the cultural dimensions by Hofstede. Basic knowledge about your target country will allow you to make sure your imagery and text are relevant, appealing and most importantly non-offensive. Also make sure to check local holidays or remembrance days and adjust your offering accordingly.
  4. Get the translations right. If you don’t have a native speaker in your team, please do invest in some professional translations. Wrong translations are very unprofessional and unfortunately, do more harm than good. If this is an investment you cannot currently make then it is recommended to stick to English ads for now.
  5. Finally, check if you need a translated landing page for your hotel Facebook ad. Does your target audience generally speak enough English to make a booking? Or do you perhaps need to set up a specific page to guide them through the process in their native language? Booking Engines often require certain parameters to be placed into outbound links so it is worth exploring the language of the complete checkout process before you launch the ads.


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